Before we stomp on STOMP

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Before we stomp on STOMP.

How to set up RSS feed

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ok ok… i know… i’ve not been up to date with IT stuffs. been wanting to know what this RSS feed is all about since it existed but never got the chance willpower to do so.


So recently, well actually, yesterday, i go try figure em out. and hey, its actually simple and i find it extremely helpful in many ways.

ok lemme see if i can explain the RSS feed to yall a little better.


things you need to know about the RSS feed

  • RSS is a stream of updated information. It comes from a website (you typically can see the logo in this blog post on some websites) or some other content application which will allow the RSS Reader (which i will explain to you later) to know of an update.
  • When the RSS reader acknowledged an update from the website that you subscribe to, it grabs the headlines and content to display them to you.
  • This makes it easy for you to anticipate, personal and relevant communications to (or with) whatever content sources–like companies, blogs,  calendars or databases which has the RSS feed capabilities.

For me, i’m using Google’s Reader. Being an android user, it is just a breeze to have everything ‘googlified‘.

So how do you subscribe a feed?

First of all, get yourself register to a reader. There’s many RSS feed reader out there. Here’s to a few.

Now, lets just go to a website which has the RSS feed. Just go to .

From that website, you can find the RSS feed icon on the top right. just beside the facebook and twitter icon.

do a right click on the icon, copy the link address. go to your reader and i’m sure you will find a subscribe to this link textbox or something. get it synchronised, and you are done. all feeds from tiger woods website will be pushed to your reader. continue doing this on your other favourite sites which support RSS feeds. You probably wont need to go to their website anymore as all the contents will be consolidated and feed in your reader.

happy trying.

aloha 2012

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oh lord.. its 2012. i promise to blog more this year. 2011 has only 8 blog post… quite pathetic ya. alritey, will probably start with fabulous january… bbbbrrrrrbb


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because self threats exist

i’ve always instilled this ‘skill’ in me when i was a child. this usually applies when i get cornered in situations, or when im facing tasks which i rather not do.

this silly ‘skill’ was actually ‘acquired’ when i was in primary school. it all began when i witnessed a confrontation between two kids which led the one threatening, getting the upper hand and winning the ‘battle‘.

we’re in the midst of a science project and it was evolving the life cycle of a chicken. the kid who was threatening, kid A, was not part of the project. kid B, who was part of the project however was merely playing around with the chick. kid A confronted kid B with something along this line (if i remembered correctly), “if you are not interested to do this, someone else will take over you”. bla bla bla… in the end, kid B eventually replaced by kid A and stole the limelight of being a project leader and starts representing the class for future science projects.

as i get older, this ‘threatening’ skill seemed to be applied by almost everyone. or should i define, applied by those who have the will to posses. the threatening contents, of course, are more of matured ingredients.

its almost everything one can co-relate to this threat. to sample a few, “if you are not going to take care of your parents, someone else will”. “if you are not going to do your job, someone else will”. “if you are not going to love your siblings, someone else will”. and the list can go on and on….

so to apply this skill in my daily life, i would go on threatening myself. similar to threats sampled above. it does give me a nudge to move out from my comfort zone. you can try it. to add more spice in this scare tactics, try imagine what goes on beyond that. it might just scare your guts.

there is however ONE particular scenario which this ‘skill’ can NEVER be applied. “if you are not going to take care of yourself ……”. No one will take care of you. Period. No further arguments on this. for those who refuse to help themselves cant be helped here.


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so its ramadhan… time for us muslims to fast. i cant deny the fact that its pretty tough to upkeep the fresh breath when one fasts.

i had friends who uses breath spray… i’d avoid that to confuse the confused. my toothpaste is running low… HELP!!! oh… for me, i will brush my teeth twice during office hours. once before lunch… and then about 4pm. ya know, just to keep em fresh.

brush your freakin teeth!!

at this moment, i also do think about those PRCs who … ok let’s just say toothpaste in singapore might be expensive…. BUT THATS NOT A REASON FOR YOU TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH ONCE A WEEK!!!




ingreed ient

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learning to cook

not really my way but… yeah… sometimes it happens.

made in china

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alarm went off at 6:45am! i need to be at the airport at 7:30am! OMFG! im late!! wife cried, i left, FIL sent me to the airport, met HY for breakkie, met my cousin at the airport gate while he was on duty… and *poof* im outta Singapore.

Have to admit that im not a fan of the window seat. Beside me, there’s this angmoh lady. She’s quite petite but im sure she has to get off her seat if i were to go to the loo. What im trying to say is that its a freaking crampy seat. my knees were less than an inch to the back of the front seat. so much hype for an A380. But nonetheless, it was a smooth 5 hours flight. Or probably because i need not get outta my seat at all.

goodbye singapore, hello china!

And i just have to rub in that the SIA stewardess are not those whom you’d be proud with walking in town. *honest*. the dudes are way better looking.

That 5 hours flight, i occupy myself with HIMYM (2 episodes) and 2 and a half men. Laughing my ass off with Charlie Sheen’s antics, not caring the lady giving me the cock stares every 10 minutes. (how inconsiderate… of me)

HY is probably enjoying his isle seat having flows of wines and beers. I assume..

5 hours later, we are in HK international airport. First thing to do, is to get on their free WIFI (which sucks) to ‘whatsapp’ people back in SG on my safe landing. Slacked for an hour at Gloria’s Cafe while waiting for our ferry to Macau. We skipped the direct ferry to Zhuhai to save that miserable 1 hour of journey time.

After the one hour ferry ride to Macau, (i refuse to add on the frustration of waiting for our luggage) we hopped on a cab to bring us to the China border. Tadaaa… we arrived at the GongBei port. To my surprise, the human traffic is like i have to multiply by 23827298612 of what i normally see at the JB customs. If one has to complain about the kiasuism in Singapore, they ought to see whats going on here. Hy was even pushed by an elderly who wants to get in line.

After that horrific experience, we finally crossed the border and finally made it in china. That 200 meters walk to our hotel room was quite an eye opener too. I’ve never seen so much people in a mall all my life.

Ahhhh… we finally stepped in the hotel. Someway or another, i feel secured. To date, i have no idea what the guys meant that in China, this Charming Hotel is a 5 stars hotel but to the locals, its a 4 stars hotel.

Anyways, its located at 2 Weiji Road (Weiji Lu), Gongbei. Do check it out if you happen to travel to Zhuhai. I would recommend you guys this hotel apart from the Holiday Inn which is some few miles away. Reason being, you can almost get anything and everything within a km circumference of the hotel. I really mean literally everything. Clothes, gadgets, Food… wait… i just said Everything didnt i?

One thing i enjoyed when i touch down was its weather. Its a mere 17deg during day. Which i feel is juuuusssttt nice for my thick and warm skin.

the only thing i wanna bitch about work is the 1hr odd journey to the factory. the bumpy ride and the inconsiderate drivers didnt help any bit. toilets within the factory though i’d rate them 1/10, its still very much preferred if i were to compare those in public.

apart from me being a brown alien in their country, everything seems good. thank god i speak a little mandarin. it helps a lot. in fact, i think it has become something fancy. i can visualize the tiny manjans there talking to each other “what the f**k he wants from us?”. when i walked thru the production floor, none didnt take a glimpse of me. the brown skin must’ve been glowing i reckon, for them to get distracted from their work. the lunch hours there is pretty dope. they were made to switch off electricity and have power naps. this, i am impressed.

The food in china is so so… for a humble mc’nugget who eats hawker centre food like me, its rather tough. i cant find halal hawker centre food there. my worry of eating dog meat is always on top of my head… nonetheless, i ate at weird places like a mushroom restaurant (i hate mushrooms), restaurant which looks like a boat… and some weird other places.

Over the weekend, my and my colleague get to walk around Macau a little. If not for his bad tummy, we would’ve been there longer. The immediate sense of sanity embraced me the moment i stepped in Macau. The people are different, the money is different, the air is different…. the entire feel is different.

Managed to wonder around two casinos…. and an early dinner at a portugese restaurant.

i seriously could blab a lot about the trip in this blog… but… i will just end it here. bye bye.



to spit and lick back...

as per the topic, do you mind licking back the saliva (perhaps with some of the green gooey mucus from your tonsils) which you have already spit, back to your taste buds? gross sounding doesn’t it? unacceptable? of course.

well this scenario can also be applied in walks of life. For example;

you bought a phone to replace your old phone. you brag at how your new phone is better than the old one. along the way, you somehow fall apart with your new phone cos your old phone works better and have all the things you need. do you (lick) use back your old phone which you just (spit) dumped?

In similar cases, this scenario can be used for; pets, boyfriends, JOBs, friends, gadgets, JOBs, toys, girlfriends, JOBs, clothes, vehicles, shoes, JOBs … and the list goes on. good thing blood ties doesn’t imply here. or maybe it does…

well, stop wondering to why i blog about this. an interesting story just creeped up my thoughts. thats all. no i’m not venting my anger or whatsoever.

bottomline, my point is, don’t talk so much about the things you left, dispose, dump or throw. you never know when you’ll be needing them….. again.


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dont kacau daun… please

fear allah

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i was touched by what i overheard my brother talking to his 3 years old son when the boy was trembling in fear of cockroaches lurking near the chalet where i had my birthday party.

“ryan, what did ayah tell u? only scared of Allah (swt). dont be scared of anything else” young ryan then braved himself (though still trembling) and walked past the area where he saw the cockroach earlier on. took a peek back to the area.. and continued to play.

im proud of how he instilled that sort of courage to his son.

sex object

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“My wife is a sex object. Everytime I ask for sex, she objects!” – Les Dawson

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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Crunchy numbers

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2010. That’s about 12 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 90 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 850 posts. There were 167 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 16mb. That’s about 3 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was February 23rd with 118 views. The most popular post that day was the new year resolution (chinese one) Roooaarr!.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for spartacus, excuses, positions, spartacus cast, and spartacus 2010.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


the new year resolution (chinese one) Roooaarr! February 2010


spartacus spectacle… June 2010


fashion tips for the fat man July 2009


just fo laughs September 2009


SMELLY CAT lyrics & guitar chords… March 2010
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happily handicapped?

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it started off at a 23. my aim to hit 20 by December seems a little ‘held’ back by unavoidable circumstances. and to start playing frequently on the blue tee, it makes things more difficult for me. but it seems that i managed to pull thru. being under uninvited pressure (playing with anonymous people) did its part to make things more difficult… but manageable. ok i dont wanna brag further.

My temporary handicap card when i just passed the test

last week, i collected my November handicap card. Now im a 22! Awesome. Though i think it could be better, i told myself to take small steps to this. Its not an easy thing to be achieved overnight. anyhows, looking forward to slash em lower!

nothing of pride, but im a happy handicapped man

the sleeping beauty

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they said, a woman’s beauty lies when she’s asleep. whoever they are… i do believe in that bit.


my sleeping beauty


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wife has been farting a lot lately… she told me this morning that she had a fart bubble. so i reckon this cartoon has the best description of what a fart bubble is…


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why dont all babies come in a bucket?

where silence is not golden

it’ll pinch you. it’ll bite you. it’ll inject all the molecules of sorrow. it’ll penetrate deep through your pores into your marrows.

your throat runs dry. tears will flow. your head feels heavy. your heart stops to glow.

you’ll try to put sense in your ego. you’ll continuously fail. for knowing it all will just derail…

there’ll be no laughter, there’ll be no joy… it’s as good as you lost the boy.

where silence is not golden


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i would love to have this

FJ singapore site is up and allowing you to customize your own golf shoes.

gravity sucks

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admit it. its funny.

hazey wazey

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PSI index as of noon today is 37. compared to the likes of 90s the past few days. i think the rain helped a lot.

screw you people who taunt the sumatra burnings. its their archipelago which helped us from facing natural disasters. (macam paham)

inevitable win

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ninja skrtel celebrates torres goal..

finally…. we won. a good display of good flowing football for a good 70-80 mins. 66% posession is impressive .. no doubt about that. points proven today that carra is better off at RB than CB. we could have a better LB. Ninja Skrtel cemented a starting line up. Meireles could do a masch job. Joey is a central guy.

For the first time under Roy’s regime, im impressed. Hoping for more of this kindda (or better) performance from the lads.

Bring on Bolton!



adios babe

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another colleague left us today. a good friend of mine. it didnt feel like it has been 6 years we have worked together.

noora with the operations group

she has obviously gone for greener pastures. joining another company which has some of DQA’s staffs there. She will be reuniting with Jo, Su and some of the guys who left Flex….  Money does make people move. Something some people need to learn….

though no one can be considered indispensable, when core people with skills starts leaving and not replaced adequately, things can go in shambles.

anyways, i’ll blog on that more in detail in other posts.

good luck noora. hope u like the card made by Pink Frocks.


lima lima lima 555

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drool all u want... guys and girls

not sure if you guys check out the news of adriana lima 2 million bucks bra… it certainly made my 14 year old nephew jaw dropped. no it did not happen to me. (i’m lying) heheh..

so what’s in a bra of late?

the long awaited ‘numero eighto’ came and go.

a whole new wind of change, would be how i’d describe it. not gonna touch on some idiocracy decisions by the men with appointments… but we all know, this is somehow ‘expected’ when you are in green. it automatically makes one stupid, dirty, lazy … and the list goes on.

yang pertama dan utama.... ??!

the guys (commanders included) who were ‘fighting fit’ couldnt care much for what’s going on. the guys who were ‘unfit’ were fitter at administrative, or rather “own time own target” roles.

its the best time to hang around old friends talking about the ‘glory days’ and to catch up on whats going on with each other lives. Revelations of some dudes just became interesting….

From sad stories of broken marriages to happy stories of making it big. all walks of life… all sorts of dramas.

And usual questions i have to deal with everytime… Eeeeeuuurrrkkkhhhhh.

all in all, its a good waste of time.

barney farney

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damn purple thing

I love you.
You love me.
Barney gave me HIV.
It started with a hug. And ended on the floor.
I was raped by a dinosaur.

its hari raya. everyone wants to look nice. some just wanna look different.

the first few days of going to relative’s place, this one thing i noticed on people’s roving eyes. though i cant confirm what exactly is on their mind (especially ladies), one can easily tell that they were checking out each other’s outfit. the guys will have a lesser evil look on them.

to me, its a huge “SO WHAT??!!” be it exclusive ( i hate this term), be it plain or fancy, be it new or past year’s, be it nice looking or eyesore.. its a piece of traditional clothing which one probably put on only during festive season or people’s wedding for god’s sake. Honestly, it doesnt mean anything much to me. And yes, if we were to follow some believes or practise, we were to get new set of clothings. but for practicality’s sake, that statement sucks!

of being different

wife and i were with bert and family at geylang on a few occasions to get hari raya stuffs. you see some spend their hearts (and wallets) out for this joyous occasion. i always tell myself that i hope these people wont spend beyond their ‘affordability’.  lets take the carpets for instance. their sale of carpets there were insane. every year, there will be people buying carpets. if those were the same people, and they were buying carpets every ‘effing’ year, does this mean they have 10 carpets over 10 years of hari raya?!

true, its not my problem. thus, me making noise to myself and my imaginary friends.

"you pay for it!" ...

i believe, if only people celebrate hari raya with much practicality, the other avenues could be channeled for the needy. those orphans… those elderlies at ‘homes’. they probably deserved better.

always had this argument with a friend ages ago…. he would spend with all his might to get this festive period ‘perfect’. he would spend on the expensive stuffs just for this one month of hari raya… sad to say, he could not be advised. this dude never fast for shit  (he used to treat me hotdogs during fasting month. LOL!)… yet he celebrates hari raya as if he ‘earned’ it. of course our friendship didnt last, but wherever he is right now, i wish him well and pardon me for bitching about you.

spring cleaning. this has to be the most laughable one of all. i will make myself an example on this one. mom’s ought to be the cleanest person in the world, or at least in singapore, ok.. at least in the district. Fine! In the block then. Our home (minus my room) has always been in tip top cleanliness. My dad too wouldnt tolerate the sight of a strand of hair on the floor. 21 years in west coast, till now in woodlands. mom n dad’s not the type who will procrastinate on home cleanliness. so when raya comes, wouldnt the house still be in perfect cleanliness state?  of course it is… but again, of course there’s always something to clean. i will be at the end of the grumbling piece of attitude when i am forced to still clean something already clean.


on my FB, people will update their statuses of them done with the cleaning of their house… i mean… do you do that when its not hari raya? oh well, the bin dumping area during these period will always be swamped with furnitures, old clothes bla bla bla… all u can see is either a pissed off bangla who had to clear them or a happy one scavenging thru the junks.

one last one will be… we all will take an additional off day from work. hahahahahahh!!

*graphics courtesy of natalie dee

selamat hari raya

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Selamat Hari Raya to all

today, muslims all over the world celebrates hari raya. for those who accidentally stumbled upon this page, i wish you a merry raya.

for my fans (as if) who have been reading my blog thru these years, i’d like to apologize for any grammatical errors, any incidents or mentions which might have offended you in any ways.

i’m a liverpool fan since birth. i grew up watching barnes, rush, beardsley, thru the spice boys era of redknapp, ruddock, wright, mcmanaman, god, owen till this times of gerrard and co. majority of my family members are liverpool fans. thru thick and thin, i still bleed red.

of late, i believe it has been too much for a red fan to cope. with ownership issues, managerial changes, stars leaving, and here in f*c*ing singapore, we had to subscribe to another service provider just to watch BPL… it all boils down to one frustration after another.

the main highlight of our downfall are too many and mostly, unexplainable.

the sale of xabi alonso, the ONLY player who had vision and dictate the games tempo was offloaded to real madrid. with the attempt of having fat ass gareth barry as a replacement. FAIL! till date, we are still relying on our brazilian (who didnt look and play like one) midfielder in the engine room. pardon the slating but lucas, is not meant for liverpool (well at least, the liverpool that i know) type of play. it is just frustrating to see a brazilian who lacked creativity or whatsoever in the middle of the park.

rafa was booted… for one failed season some might say. some will agree that he deserved it. some are still defending the rafalution. my point of view is that we need a change of wind. and thus, the rafa’s departure was pretty much welcomed. but was a season too soon. he definitely had plans .. but finishing 7th in the league last season was his killer. no champions league football… out you go.

had we not have the yanks as owners, we might have just steered to somewhat a ‘preferred’ direction. till date, the issue is still not resolved. though with interested parties from the arabs, chinese, indians … and lately, a hongkie. i hope, this will be sorted soon and we’ll see what the new owners have in store for us. and i do hope we do learn from our past mistake with the yanks.

new manager, roy, seems to instill some fresh air in the club. with the signing of joe, miereles and konchesky … we seem to be going towards the light at the end of the tunnel. though some huge questionmarks loomed over the signing of poulsen and brad jones. roy also seem to have favour the youngsters more than rafa did. i do hope, with the correct upbringing, young stars like jonjo, amoo, suso, pacheco will break into the first team sooner than later.

though these whine rants serves no intention of getting rid of my beloved football club, over time, it does get on all our nerves watching us play terrible football.

i so much want to see him with the seniors

video courtesy of milankakabaros (always made the best)

go to this link

this date has a huge significance in my life. it was a date i fear in 1998. it was the date of enlistment for national service.  a decade ago.. my life changed…

the old kranji camp... our passing out parade

i learnt many good things in life when i was in the army. equally bad things as well. though nothing to be proud of with the bad deeds, it did teach me to be a better person in a way or another. had my first drink, had my…ok. i’ll save it. all in all, not a good way to be exposed to life, but a lesson well learnt.

having fun doing the chores is a good way to get things done

i learnt hardship. earning as little as $240 a month, i barely made thru A weekend. overtime, i learnt how to segregate and deal with money better. trying to stay in camp as much as possible to avoid spending when being out in the real world. a good shopping place would be the pirated clothings from beach road. not to worry about meals for being in camp at most times, and stay home when out of camp. near 12th of every month, all NS boys get excited for the miserable pay. only to have them spent on drinks at hard rock cafe… again… with no other but camp mates. life pretty much revolves around each other…

i was declared as a casualty in some mission

i learnt friendship. gained some.. loose some. battling thru missions over these years. it makes the bond amongst us strong. regardless of race, language or religion… be it from different gang in the outside world, in camp, we are all ‘one shirt’.

ive seen friends who make use of friends. ive seen friends who are in their own world. ive seen friends who would always make his opinions heard. ive seen friends, who would do anything for you. ive seen men cry. ive seen men sad. ive seen men whom try to be something they would never be. ive seen ambitious men. ive seen the low self esteem men. i felt ive seen the whole walk of life.

my platoon... the 7 magnificent. lim, teo, sashi, gabe, ,me, lan, ee ...

we were proud guardsmen, the elite of the army. drilled to such perfection from sadist commanders, we turned out pretty what were expected…. animals! from lorong kebasi, to lim chu kang, to marsiling, to temburong jungle in brunei and to queensland, australia … we’ve gone thru it all.

though not the best companions to travel with, its paid expenses to go overseas. so … why not.

the brunei trip... on the 3rd day of hari raya... if im not mistaken

participating of national events while being operational ready, not the kind of pace any soldier would like. nonetheless, we did manage to get thru it all. there were proud moments… to overshadow the down side. it was a good 2 years wasted spent in the army.

getting to don the no.1 kit was pretty cool...

if i were to asked, what is the few things that i gained from the National Service. my answer would be the the friendship and the memories. i am still a bochup soldier who will only give secondary shit to orders. i will still try to avoid things that would not benefit me in any way.

today, we knew each other for over a decade. i appreciate the friendship with all my fellow 661 gds mates. till we meet again.

yeap... we pooped together