the new year resolution (chinese one) Roooaarr!

Posted: February 12, 2010 in lessons in life
ok, this kicks me off when i was in town with one of my counterpart from states. since it was the eve of CNY, he said why not we make a CNY resolution. and so i agreed. best part is, we stopped talking about the resolution after he told me his… this was his;
“there should be only one resolution i wanna have, and thats to allow my wife giving me a blowjob in the morning”
WTF!!!?? how can the list go on when his statement above cant stop us … wait… cant stop ME laughing my ass off? what kind of a resolution is that!!?? … sigh… one of the good laughs we had before he flies back to Cali.
ok that aside, here’s what i had for the new year resolution.
  • not to have an unrealistic resolution
  • to break 100s in golf
  • i wanna be as least hypocrite as possible (we all are.. dare u not admit)
  • be truthful to myself, to be my own true self (i often fake myself to please, which i realize is sooooooo wrong)
  • be a happier person (not that im unhappy)
  • to break 100s in weight (have to watch those calories & cabo loading)
  • to be more open to mushy sappy love/sad songs (unplugging the wawa & overdrives)
have to be enough for now. though nothing serious, this shall not be taken with a pinch of salt/sugar/pepper..

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