Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

because self threats exist

i’ve always instilled this ‘skill’ in me when i was a child. this usually applies when i get cornered in situations, or when im facing tasks which i rather not do.

this silly ‘skill’ was actually ‘acquired’ when i was in primary school. it all began when i witnessed a confrontation between two kids which led the one threatening, getting the upper hand and winning the ‘battle‘.

we’re in the midst of a science project and it was evolving the life cycle of a chicken. the kid who was threatening, kid A, was not part of the project. kid B, who was part of the project however was merely playing around with the chick. kid A confronted kid B with something along this line (if i remembered correctly), “if you are not interested to do this, someone else will take over you”. bla bla bla… in the end, kid B eventually replaced by kid A and stole the limelight of being a project leader and starts representing the class for future science projects.

as i get older, this ‘threatening’ skill seemed to be applied by almost everyone. or should i define, applied by those who have the will to posses. the threatening contents, of course, are more of matured ingredients.

its almost everything one can co-relate to this threat. to sample a few, “if you are not going to take care of your parents, someone else will”. “if you are not going to do your job, someone else will”. “if you are not going to love your siblings, someone else will”. and the list can go on and on….

so to apply this skill in my daily life, i would go on threatening myself. similar to threats sampled above. it does give me a nudge to move out from my comfort zone. you can try it. to add more spice in this scare tactics, try imagine what goes on beyond that. it might just scare your guts.

there is however ONE particular scenario which this ‘skill’ can NEVER be applied. “if you are not going to take care of yourself ……”. No one will take care of you. Period. No further arguments on this. for those who refuse to help themselves cant be helped here.


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