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to spit and lick back...

as per the topic, do you mind licking back the saliva (perhaps with some of the green gooey mucus from your tonsils) which you have already spit, back to your taste buds? gross sounding doesn’t it? unacceptable? of course.

well this scenario can also be applied in walks of life. For example;

you bought a phone to replace your old phone. you brag at how your new phone is better than the old one. along the way, you somehow fall apart with your new phone cos your old phone works better and have all the things you need. do you (lick) use back your old phone which you just (spit) dumped?

In similar cases, this scenario can be used for; pets, boyfriends, JOBs, friends, gadgets, JOBs, toys, girlfriends, JOBs, clothes, vehicles, shoes, JOBs … and the list goes on. good thing blood ties doesn’t imply here. or maybe it does…

well, stop wondering to why i blog about this. an interesting story just creeped up my thoughts. thats all. no i’m not venting my anger or whatsoever.

bottomline, my point is, don’t talk so much about the things you left, dispose, dump or throw. you never know when you’ll be needing them….. again.

the long awaited ‘numero eighto’ came and go.

a whole new wind of change, would be how i’d describe it. not gonna touch on some idiocracy decisions by the men with appointments… but we all know, this is somehow ‘expected’ when you are in green. it automatically makes one stupid, dirty, lazy … and the list goes on.

yang pertama dan utama.... ??!

the guys (commanders included) who were ‘fighting fit’ couldnt care much for what’s going on. the guys who were ‘unfit’ were fitter at administrative, or rather “own time own target” roles.

its the best time to hang around old friends talking about the ‘glory days’ and to catch up on whats going on with each other lives. Revelations of some dudes just became interesting….

From sad stories of broken marriages to happy stories of making it big. all walks of life… all sorts of dramas.

And usual questions i have to deal with everytime… Eeeeeuuurrrkkkhhhhh.

all in all, its a good waste of time.

this date has a huge significance in my life. it was a date i fear in 1998. it was the date of enlistment for national service.  a decade ago.. my life changed…

the old kranji camp... our passing out parade

i learnt many good things in life when i was in the army. equally bad things as well. though nothing to be proud of with the bad deeds, it did teach me to be a better person in a way or another. had my first drink, had my…ok. i’ll save it. all in all, not a good way to be exposed to life, but a lesson well learnt.

having fun doing the chores is a good way to get things done

i learnt hardship. earning as little as $240 a month, i barely made thru A weekend. overtime, i learnt how to segregate and deal with money better. trying to stay in camp as much as possible to avoid spending when being out in the real world. a good shopping place would be the pirated clothings from beach road. not to worry about meals for being in camp at most times, and stay home when out of camp. near 12th of every month, all NS boys get excited for the miserable pay. only to have them spent on drinks at hard rock cafe… again… with no other but camp mates. life pretty much revolves around each other…

i was declared as a casualty in some mission

i learnt friendship. gained some.. loose some. battling thru missions over these years. it makes the bond amongst us strong. regardless of race, language or religion… be it from different gang in the outside world, in camp, we are all ‘one shirt’.

ive seen friends who make use of friends. ive seen friends who are in their own world. ive seen friends who would always make his opinions heard. ive seen friends, who would do anything for you. ive seen men cry. ive seen men sad. ive seen men whom try to be something they would never be. ive seen ambitious men. ive seen the low self esteem men. i felt ive seen the whole walk of life.

my platoon... the 7 magnificent. lim, teo, sashi, gabe, ,me, lan, ee ...

we were proud guardsmen, the elite of the army. drilled to such perfection from sadist commanders, we turned out pretty what were expected…. animals! from lorong kebasi, to lim chu kang, to marsiling, to temburong jungle in brunei and to queensland, australia … we’ve gone thru it all.

though not the best companions to travel with, its paid expenses to go overseas. so … why not.

the brunei trip... on the 3rd day of hari raya... if im not mistaken

participating of national events while being operational ready, not the kind of pace any soldier would like. nonetheless, we did manage to get thru it all. there were proud moments… to overshadow the down side. it was a good 2 years wasted spent in the army.

getting to don the no.1 kit was pretty cool...

if i were to asked, what is the few things that i gained from the National Service. my answer would be the the friendship and the memories. i am still a bochup soldier who will only give secondary shit to orders. i will still try to avoid things that would not benefit me in any way.

today, we knew each other for over a decade. i appreciate the friendship with all my fellow 661 gds mates. till we meet again.

yeap... we pooped together

pangchyet weekend

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it has to be the busiest weekend of the year. im extremely tired.


came back home just to quickly get ready for maternal relatives futsal. deary booked the pitch from 7-11pm. that was crazy ass hours. fetched the boys and we could only reach there like 8.30pm. had a good run for about 2 games. before we got booted. funny to see my cousins, nephew & uncles playing footy. i feel that we actually can form a proper team. complete with pom pom girls and managers and water boys.

my relatives at tampines futsal pitch

11pm, i have to rush back home. now its paternal side’s turn. a bbq session. finally get to use the portable grill which i bought for last year’s christmas. just some chicken & hotdogs… with a wide variety of drinks. and the main objective, was the chit chat. its good to have aliff, azad & naim around. they are my only male cousins from my paternal side. wife was quite shagged so she rot on the couch till the food finally got ready. and oh… we did the bbq setup in our corridor… stairways to be exact…

aliff heating 'things' up

sis in law turned up later on to ‘fetch’ the boys. the bbq was good, the bonding was all we needed. by the time the boys left, its already 6.30am. and hello saturday!


grumbled to my wife for waking me up on a saturday morning. im still worn out. off to fetch indy, ryan, khaleel & alene by 11am. this time… we heading west! off to snow city we go! have to thank baby for her assistance. i still feel that snow city is a little overpriced. anyhows, it was great fun in the snow. ryan chickened out after the first slide. -5 degrees wasnt fun for him. but apparently, his 5 months old sister, alene, reacted differently. she was crying her lungs out before we went in. and she slept soundly when we were in snow. wth.. i wonder how layla would react if she’s in snow.

wife, indy, khaleel, alene & ian... @ snowcity

an hour into this, and we are out. this time, science centre! never been there in years. this time round, the wongs joined us. it became babies day out… much things to look at but so little time.

chicks checking out 'real' chicks

after science centre, the wongs planned for JB. and we agreed to it. it definitely was be good. both my brothers are with me. went to juara for some ox tail and juices. it was all good. by the time we went back, it was already 2am. To think that we still need to go JB again in the next 3 hours for golf is just a little too taxing. we still did anyways…


left home at 6.15 instead of 5.30am… breakkie, then tee off by 7.45am. i had fun. its only me and my wife in the flight. great times. front nine was shitty 58 and a better back at 47. i still think i could go better. 4 pars didnt really help much if u screw up other holes.

me and wife buggying around....

i thought we’d go back straight after golf… no… we still go to JB house to warm the car. by the time we came back to SG, its already 3..30pm. i fell asleep immediately. woke up for dinner at 9pm. and back to sleep by midnight. and im up by 7.15 this morning…
looking back the weekend i had, it was all tiring.. but worth the fun.


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Intro (Which is also the Chorus)

E                        A                  D      A               E
Smelly Cat, Smeeeelly Cat, What are they feeding You?
E                       A            D     A             E
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It's not Your Fault

Verse 1
E            A          D      A         E
Your obviously not their favorite pet
E            A          D      A         E
And they won't take you to the vet

Verse 2
E            A          D      A         E
It may not be a bed of roses
E            A          D      A         E
And your no friend to those with noses
E                        A                  D      A               E
Smelly Cat, Smeeeelly Cat, What are they feeding You?
E                       A            D     A             E
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It's not Your Faaaaaaaaault

rah yer 09

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the eve was nuts. i have no idea why i agreed to go geylang serai. jio’ed bert & dya along… this is a virgin attempt and like bungee jumping, i would never ever wanna get involved with geylang serai on hari raya’s eve ever again.. ever!

bert got to drive my car after. a good build up to his pre car loan. heh…

we only reached home like 4.30am. and thats not it. the prep wasnt sempurna of yet. so had to put the kueh’s in the bottle. by the time it was done and me to take a short nap, it was already 5.45am. urrrghhh! and mr wong who’s supposed to follow me didnt reply my text nor answer my call! ok, i had to leave him.

toss & turn, its already 6.15am. time to go for prayers. ayah called. he asked where i would be doing my prayers. he then said he wanna come along. adik drove ibu’s and we meet at masjid kubur. we were late. lucky for me and adik, we got a tiny space just beside the wudhu’s area. yep, we got wet a little.

BMW = bak, me , wife

BMW = bak, me , wife

after the prayers, we go kubur visiting.  atok’s, sister in law’s dad, mak, nenek grave were visited. by the time we are done, it was almost noon. i got home, controlling my sleep. bert reached at the same time, but he had to wait a while for me to clear my bowels. super cannot take it. handed him the keys, and off he go visiting. my folks were already waiting for us, but we were late.

before we leave home, salam’ed my FIL. the emotions begin… no… the emotions began the night before. when i go takbir with dad. the usual visits from late grandpops never failed.

the traffic lights

the traffic lights

back to my folk’s place, after the salam menyalam, we took a family pic. then went back home to fetch bak and start jalan raya. aunty yati’s place, followed by nanan’s. then off to jurong. 9pm and ive not met my grandma. 140 to clementi only to be greeted by unknown faces and nek long. while spending the first 10 mins with nenek, got a call about atuk’s critical condition. so we had to rush off to TTSH with the zam zam. it was already midnight when we learnt that atuk was managed to revive and put under high dependency unit.

back to jurong house then off home. tired…..

so it was a salam raya and leave kindda thing this year. haiz.

:: Bestie ::

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bffI had best friends. One in kindergarten & another in primary school. Fullstop. It didn’t go on from there. And of course, then, I didn’t know what bestie really meant. My kindergarten bestie was a girl called Jane. All I can remember is that she was the first person who made me stroke a dog! A puppy to be exact. Jane was my partner in almost every activity back then. We have to hold hands in our que everyday and walk out of class together. I remembered she also shared her biscuits with me. We declared our bestie relationship near the tiny sink outside the class toilet.

God knows where she is now and how she looks like.

My primary school bestie was Yusran. I had to choose him than Ernie cos … Ernie was more of someone to bully. If u happen to read this Anne, I’m sorry. You are just too obedient of a friend. Anyways, Yus didn’t stay with me for long. I blamed his parents for shifting to Blk 166 Pending Rd. Gosh! I can remember! We lasted from P1 to P4. We don’t have mobiles back then, communication was tough….slowly, we drifted apart. Yus was my bestest ever friend… I thought this bestie thingy lasts forever. Along came the ‘secret 7’. Their presence made Yus just fade away….

From there I conclude, there shall be no bestfriends bullshit in my life. The ones on the upperhand shall be called great friends. Those higher are those I know whom I can cry with.

This theory proved well to me. It worked till this very day. My circle of friends are amazing people to each their own. It’s really tough to maintain a friendship to a level u can declare him/her your bestie. So why be a hypocrite labelling best friends here and there when the real fact, you don’t even know their favourite colour, the drink they’ll order during dine outs, their shoe size, their habits after showers, things that’ll offend them, things that they’ll appreciate. These I consider as basic necessities that a best friend should breathe.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that best friends should be abolished. In fact I do enjoy seeing two people with so much chemistry acknowledging each others relationship as best friends.

Now who says best friends don’t fuck? I’ve come across many couples who treats each other more like best friends than lovers. I think it’s due to those facts, they are still going on strong as an item. They made love to each other. So best friends do bonk each other. Haha…

At this moment, I’m just happy that I have my good friends surrounding me. I’m blessed with their presence. I know who I can count on, I know who I can rely on. I know who is sincere & who’s a fake. Best friends go beyond listening to you. Best friends will give u solutions & suggestions, they dont just listen. Best friends makes u smile in a snap. You will be at complete lost if your daily routine didn’t involve them.

I think I’m drunk. my expectations are getting high… no wonder i dont deserve any…

My 2nd Chinese brother, Aaron, called me. Still shock with his call (cos he’ll usually call me whenever he’s coming back from China), he told me to look out of my house.

THERE! There he was standing at my house carpark. He was actually at his friend’s (my neighbour) when he realized that it was actually the apartment where im incubating!

Invited him over for a cuppa Ribena (wife labelled it as the muslim’s wine) and we chat as there wont be other opportunity to chat no more. Over a Marlboro Lights, we shared on what’s going on with our lives and work.

Tomorrow, im meeting him for lunch/coffee. Yipppeee!!!

my 30th birthday

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i used to celebrate my birthday for 7 days during the birthday week. not a party kind of celebration, but spending the time with my family and friends. i used to and indeed, still think that birthdays are very very important in peoples lives.

on my 30th birthday week, i had to spend the early half in camp and in the jungle. on a positive note, even though not direct, i take things as happy as i can. for instance, i was supposed to be out of camp only on my birthday eve, but they allow us to outpro on a friday. which means, i have more days for my family and family. i’ll take that as a gift from the army. jajai met me at my place before booking in last saturday to atec debrief and outpro, he brought 2 tupperwares of rice and mutton dalcha with fried liver. his wife cooked it and wanted him to eat with me. i’ll take that as a gift from him and nadia. mom cooked ikan sebelah masak merah on sunday and called me over to eat. Since it’s one of my favourite meal, I’ll take that as a gift from mom.

anyways, i would like to thank these people, for wishing me a happy birthday.

first and foremost“, my wife. getting my father in law to go dinner at mad jacks on my birthday eve. She also set up a surprise dinner at yishun safra inviting my other brother, gilbert and his wife. It was overly a touching moment. (do check out the pics on facebook, if they’ve uploaded em) wife said we have to reach yishun by 8.30pm. immediately, i knew it’d be Eatzi Steakhouse. After sending the car to bak, wife drove me there. the place was pretty quiet. while waiting for food and wasting the battery on the camera, a birthday song was played. There, my brother, Gilbert and his wife Dya, strummed in with a cake and 3 big candles on top of it. i almost broke down. shy at the loud birthday song, and waves from the other tables, i smiled in disbelief.

mom called me and wished me over the phone. sad that she couldnt spend the time with me. she gave me a lengthy birthday wish which sweat my ears. she told me that cicit cried cos she didnt spend the time with me this time round…

later that night, i had a text message from another chinese brother, all the way from guangzhou, china. i replied “you have never failed to remember my birthday after these years”. and his touching reply was “you already call me brother, so this should be the way”. i melt again…

these people wished me thru sms and/or facebook.. thanks people, i really appreciate it. to name of those whom i can recall are bob, jajai, alfi, mimi, allie & rohai,shujun, jas, benny, aliff, ariff, ain and family, strat, ajid, vishnu, ros, ogy, wati, iza, baby, dimple, fariq, fida, fida sister, sayeeth,liang li, nani, haslina, abang az, lionel, gabe, joseph, ong, asrul, ijat, kevin, zaidi, ross, fauziah and family, asfa, heazry, wee kiat, seet yang, mashija, waichee, sharon, yan, ramlah, nurmiza, joshua, huzaini, si jie, lan, sunita and edwin.

thank you all

where’s my dad…. 😦

LB = Luncheon Burrito!

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lucky bastard. yes u have been. i always have thought that u are. well, u are! week in week out you will be telling me about the slight miss in 4Ds bettings. i can just envy your luck. how lucky can someone get?

today, u got the luckiest news ever in ur life.. ( i assume). I am honoured to be the first to know. u are flying. u are leaving us. my best wishes for u… you… lucky bastard.

dont come back with chinamen accent.
dont come back poor
dont come back with 3 kids
dont come back forgetting me
dont come back EMPTY HANDED!
COME BACK for my wedding!
Best of luck, my brother, Aaron Goh Siak Koon