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fear allah

Posted: January 21, 2011 in family, lessons in life

i was touched by what i overheard my brother talking to his 3 years old son when the boy was trembling in fear of cockroaches lurking near the chalet where i had my birthday party.

“ryan, what did ayah tell u? only scared of Allah (swt). dont be scared of anything else” young ryan then braved himself (though still trembling) and walked past the area where he saw the cockroach earlier on. took a peek back to the area.. and continued to play.

im proud of how he instilled that sort of courage to his son.


Posted: November 4, 2010 in family
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why dont all babies come in a bucket?

my first ulat...

happy 3rd birthday ryan zabar adam. i love you. i hope you like the real madrid jersey with that scum, Ronaldo’s name on the rear. though i dont like him much, he’s one of the best in the world… and so are you.

the boyanese side of my family

Posted: June 11, 2010 in family
standing left to right; masrifah, badriah, rahman, mariam (my mum), atiah, samrani (neng) & razak
seated left to right;  taib, jujuk fatimah, eddie yusof, maimunah, eddei rahmat

my boyanese blood

pangchyet weekend

Posted: June 7, 2010 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Golf, Isk
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it has to be the busiest weekend of the year. im extremely tired.


came back home just to quickly get ready for maternal relatives futsal. deary booked the pitch from 7-11pm. that was crazy ass hours. fetched the boys and we could only reach there like 8.30pm. had a good run for about 2 games. before we got booted. funny to see my cousins, nephew & uncles playing footy. i feel that we actually can form a proper team. complete with pom pom girls and managers and water boys.

my relatives at tampines futsal pitch

11pm, i have to rush back home. now its paternal side’s turn. a bbq session. finally get to use the portable grill which i bought for last year’s christmas. just some chicken & hotdogs… with a wide variety of drinks. and the main objective, was the chit chat. its good to have aliff, azad & naim around. they are my only male cousins from my paternal side. wife was quite shagged so she rot on the couch till the food finally got ready. and oh… we did the bbq setup in our corridor… stairways to be exact…

aliff heating 'things' up

sis in law turned up later on to ‘fetch’ the boys. the bbq was good, the bonding was all we needed. by the time the boys left, its already 6.30am. and hello saturday!


grumbled to my wife for waking me up on a saturday morning. im still worn out. off to fetch indy, ryan, khaleel & alene by 11am. this time… we heading west! off to snow city we go! have to thank baby for her assistance. i still feel that snow city is a little overpriced. anyhows, it was great fun in the snow. ryan chickened out after the first slide. -5 degrees wasnt fun for him. but apparently, his 5 months old sister, alene, reacted differently. she was crying her lungs out before we went in. and she slept soundly when we were in snow. wth.. i wonder how layla would react if she’s in snow.

wife, indy, khaleel, alene & ian... @ snowcity

an hour into this, and we are out. this time, science centre! never been there in years. this time round, the wongs joined us. it became babies day out… much things to look at but so little time.

chicks checking out 'real' chicks

after science centre, the wongs planned for JB. and we agreed to it. it definitely was be good. both my brothers are with me. went to juara for some ox tail and juices. it was all good. by the time we went back, it was already 2am. To think that we still need to go JB again in the next 3 hours for golf is just a little too taxing. we still did anyways…


left home at 6.15 instead of 5.30am… breakkie, then tee off by 7.45am. i had fun. its only me and my wife in the flight. great times. front nine was shitty 58 and a better back at 47. i still think i could go better. 4 pars didnt really help much if u screw up other holes.

me and wife buggying around....

i thought we’d go back straight after golf… no… we still go to JB house to warm the car. by the time we came back to SG, its already 3..30pm. i fell asleep immediately. woke up for dinner at 9pm. and back to sleep by midnight. and im up by 7.15 this morning…
looking back the weekend i had, it was all tiring.. but worth the fun.

Protected: heeeee hawwwww

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Wife

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Protected: 5D4N

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Wife

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it's like the clouds

hola… so.. its valentine’s day. what does this day means to me? honestly, its just another day. and i dont celebrate this. as much as its insignificance to me, things done on that day by many, can be done on any other day… days! to be exact. shouldnt people celebrate love everyday? i can bet you anytime, pick out randomly people walking on the streets (in singapore) and ask them what’s the history behind this valentine’s day. probably 1/8 could answer this …. they might not even know that the greeting card for this occassion’s called valentines. they might not even know who was st. valentine. ok fine, they need not know the history and bla bla bla… to celebrate valentines day. fine.

this day, many restaurants are throwing so called ‘promotions’. prices of roses shoots ridiculously high. hotel rooms fully occupied. what does this tell you?

ok, to share my fair bit, here’s what i did on that day itself. i was thankful that it falls on chinese new year. which means, house will be empty. cos in law will definitely keep himself occupied with golf. prior to this day, i made a list of things to do on the day. which didnt really went as planned (i’ll tell u in a bit).

first of all, it was supposed to be a breakfast in bed. honeystars soaked in fresh milk. on the bed. sounds nice? yeah. that morning itself, it didnt happen. but still, like any other day, i got breakfast ready. i made fried rice (the white one). since it seems too much for the bed, breakfast has to be served in the living room. so the breakfast was served with the ‘not prominant’ valentines day card stucked in between the table.

then at 11am, my wife and i head to the thomson balinese massage. we had the couple package. it was one of the most painful one for me. i was hurt all over and making noises in pain but was misunderstood for moaning. wth!? moan is a noise made by someone in shiokness… mind you. hehehe. ohhh… i thing we didnt heed is the messeus advice. we’re supposed to pop a panadol joint before going to sleep when we reach home. sleeping on this occassion is too time wasting la…. anyways, for more info on the massage we had, go to

all ached, we went back. while the wife rest, i head to the kitchen to cook her fav dish. the aglio oglio, though not my cuppa tea, for lovesake.. hahahaha. so i ripped the recipe from the web… straight into the cooking hob. within minutes, waaaalaaaaaaa… lunch’s ready! after eating, the wife seems to be affected by the massage and fell asleep. so i go for the other love in the house. my playstation 2! (sorry to disappoint that it’s still not 3 yet)

the plan seems to skew again. we’re supposed to watch a movie. but it was all made up. my brother’s family turned up. wife whipped her version of aglio oglio. got some fries. and all of us watched this indonesian ghost pikcher! though, funny, lame and slow, it did entertain all.

when they left, it’s left with us alone again. this time, we watched madagascar and rush hour 2. courtesy of SCV. before we knew it, its bed time. the next day, its time for the love of the game.

now tell me, how was yours?

rest in peace grampops

Posted: February 9, 2010 in family

rest in peace, Hj Taib Bin Hj Baharawi

u were our belief in the pillars of the religion. u preached, u lead, u showed us the way.

ur smiles, ur laughter, ur joy & ur pain… we see it all.

picnic seems to be THE thing back then…. ur ninja turtle wagon aka van lipas, the rubber tube.. it remains a memory.

the saturday religious lessons, the one that u made adik crack his discman, ur grumbles with nek, ur classic bicycle rides to pasar geylang…. those are the things that will make us think about u… just to miss u more.

the kissing of mom’s feet before we leave the house, which was no longer practised…. it has its very own significance … to remind us that heaven is just there.

as u wilt, u became more naughty (in a cute way)… and u were more fun to hang around with. u start requesting for the weirdest things!

atuk, i’ve not done enough as a grandson. and all i can do now is pray….

rest in peace, my darling grandpops
haji taib bin haji baharawi1924 – 27th Jan 2010

Welcome Baby Livia Alene

Posted: January 5, 2010 in family
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Baby Livia Alene

Baby Livia Alene

It’s a girl! It’s a girl! I have a niece! She’s so adorable.

Weighing 3.1kg, she seems like a petite lady. The name Livia Alene from what i understood is something like a source of light or something like that…

now i cant wait to meet her after work… ok lah… bye. sian ah at work.

my X’mas wish list

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Wife
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dear god, i dont believe in santa. nor i believe in christmas and christmas trees. but i believe in X’mas presents!!!

please deliver them to woodlands st 83, thank u

anyhow, i would like to have these under my neighbour’s plant for me to collect come christmas morning.

firstly, i would like to have a new pair of glasses. not that my oakleys failed me, but i just wanna … ermmm… ok fine. probably u had gone thru recession as well. i’ll just ask for new lenses for my oakley frames. ok? thanks.

then i will need a fairway wood 3. i cant control well with FIL ex-wood 3. his current PRGR is yummy, but i would like to have one for my own. a cleveland launcher or taylor made burner would do fine. since tiger is cheating on his wife and might not return to golf, why not u steal his SUMO DYMO SQ for me? That would save you a couple of hundreds.

i would need about 10 new tees. T-shirts that is. I saved some of my designs which i wanted to have them printed on my work laptop D drive. you can get them printed and wrap em for me. come on.. it shouldnt cost more than 50 bucks shouldnt it? my t-shirts are 3 years old… not that im complaining. but i need a fresh collection for my wardrobe.

i also need a watch. something metallic and huge. my current fav watch is the Chronoforce. The one which has the screws missing. and it can drop anytime. this one is on a lower priority. cos i got other watches… my tommy hilfiger is fine, so is my michael korrs and guess. i just need to change their batteries.

an asics kayano, an adidas street footy shoes, a red jack purcell, and one of the GLOBE skateshoes would do justice for my leg. Oh yeah! my nike golf shoes has opened its mouth. i left it at the country club. (as instructed by my old man)

i would love to have that crumpler haversack too. 200 odd is a bit too steep for a married man to buy la god. so please… yeap. the one with the camera and laptop compartment. i cant remember its model. dont worry, u wont have a headache. they only come in 2 colors. black & brown.

last and not least, can i have a set of the Twilight books, namely New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn & Midnight Sun. My wife is so in love with that edward cullen and she’s into books. so if you were to give me these, i can give her as christmas presents. You will make 2 person happy. 🙂

was i asking too much?

rah yer 09

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the eve was nuts. i have no idea why i agreed to go geylang serai. jio’ed bert & dya along… this is a virgin attempt and like bungee jumping, i would never ever wanna get involved with geylang serai on hari raya’s eve ever again.. ever!

bert got to drive my car after. a good build up to his pre car loan. heh…

we only reached home like 4.30am. and thats not it. the prep wasnt sempurna of yet. so had to put the kueh’s in the bottle. by the time it was done and me to take a short nap, it was already 5.45am. urrrghhh! and mr wong who’s supposed to follow me didnt reply my text nor answer my call! ok, i had to leave him.

toss & turn, its already 6.15am. time to go for prayers. ayah called. he asked where i would be doing my prayers. he then said he wanna come along. adik drove ibu’s and we meet at masjid kubur. we were late. lucky for me and adik, we got a tiny space just beside the wudhu’s area. yep, we got wet a little.

BMW = bak, me , wife

BMW = bak, me , wife

after the prayers, we go kubur visiting.  atok’s, sister in law’s dad, mak, nenek grave were visited. by the time we are done, it was almost noon. i got home, controlling my sleep. bert reached at the same time, but he had to wait a while for me to clear my bowels. super cannot take it. handed him the keys, and off he go visiting. my folks were already waiting for us, but we were late.

before we leave home, salam’ed my FIL. the emotions begin… no… the emotions began the night before. when i go takbir with dad. the usual visits from late grandpops never failed.

the traffic lights

the traffic lights

back to my folk’s place, after the salam menyalam, we took a family pic. then went back home to fetch bak and start jalan raya. aunty yati’s place, followed by nanan’s. then off to jurong. 9pm and ive not met my grandma. 140 to clementi only to be greeted by unknown faces and nek long. while spending the first 10 mins with nenek, got a call about atuk’s critical condition. so we had to rush off to TTSH with the zam zam. it was already midnight when we learnt that atuk was managed to revive and put under high dependency unit.

back to jurong house then off home. tired…..

so it was a salam raya and leave kindda thing this year. haiz.

boys before flowers

Posted: June 16, 2009 in family
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my boys, my boys, my boys

last weekend, i had a good time with the boys. my boys, not really. my sister in law’s boys from her past marriage.  the KKK (not ku klux klan)  is actually Khuluq, Khobeer & Khaleel.

We stayed up late, we watched Zohan, we played games, we laughed together, ate together… speaking of eating, i had the joy of making breakfast for them. (see pic below).

It was a blast. I wish i could’ve spend more time with them doing outdoor activities.

The 3 polite boys were all staying over at daddy’s for good. Good to know they are not like some spoilt brats who would complain about living standards and lifestyle. Im sure they will adapt to their new living standards. Now adik has got the 4 (soon to be 5) of them to deal with. Im sure he wouldnt mind though. I believe he loved the kids as much as they loved him, as a dad.  god leaves no one with problems that they cant resolve. i know he will make it. i know he will earn the respect of the kids. i know they kids were glad they left their old place.

French Toast & Milo Dinosaur i made for the boys. Yummers!

French Toast & Milo Dinosaur i made for the boys. Yummers!

2 sisters goes preggies

Posted: June 2, 2009 in family
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2 preggies get togetherBoth my sisters in laws are pregnant!! Yes! Both of them! Radya with the first one and Indy with her 2nd (5th). Awesome. I’m extremely excited.

Now I have one worm, and I’m going to have 2 more! WooHoo!

My indian family birthday

Posted: May 4, 2009 in family
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indianaIt was Aunty Goree’s birthday. I’m happy to meet my wife’s maternal family. I’m more confident. I’m more myself. I felt sincerity. I felt the warmth & the love.

There is uncle munu, Ali asger, people whom I’ve never seen …. ever. They seemed like nice people. And we picked up easily. It’s nice to know someone who is of the same frequency & you don’t feel awkward to. It’s a shame I didn’t know my Indian family extension.

We all had nice dinner @ some pataya restaurant. Before we sang birthday song to Aunty Eee, with the guitar and all.

I’m truely blessed to know these nice people.

my valentine’s day affair

Posted: February 16, 2009 in family, Golf, Wife
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i had a good valentines day. i gave wife a sidney poitier autobiography and 3 valentines day card. (2 to be exact, cos 1 was stolen… hehe..) not forgetting the fluffy heart stick. i got my fair share as well. i got gifts which is affiliated to my likings. i got the golf punk mag, the mickey football paperweight, 2 pairs of trunky, a twist bar, and brushy brushy. of course, the creative customized V day card. on the valentines day eve, we exchanged out gifts. FIL just had to spoil her gift plans for me when we got back from our practise. ramaging the table, he asked wats all those she’s packing and she had to admit, it was gifts for me. mine was planned… the main gift was hidden under the pillow. i just gave her the heart furball and a tiny card. even though that, she wasnt disappointed. we got up to our room and there, she found her surprise. the joy and happiness in her expression tells it all. i’ll save the details how the gift was discovered k…

the actual day, im actually having an affair. its with one of the sport i love, golf. i had a round of 18 with FIL. after 9 whole months of not playing, it feels soooooooooooo good to be back. after a few struggles, i managed to gain back my composure. after golf, it was another affair with cars. FIL did some modification to make the car ever smoother and lighter. we got home tired. damn tired. slept and only to wake up at 8pm. geez.. what a waste of time. now, its the dinner. brought wife to jack’s. two words… totally dissappointed. i dont wanna bitch about this right now, cos it will only spoil my blogging mood.

come sunday, me and wife had a kissy outing. la vivo, to the m’square garden. spend a lot on food and other junkies. i have to stop spending for now….

overall, i had a good valentines. yumms.

Lor 8

Posted: February 13, 2009 in family
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im happy my brother got an apartment for himself. i believe he could never be happier. im proud of that little bastard to be exact. living in the ‘toilet’ room for many years, renting room from some friend must’ve been tiring. now you finally have a place to call home. at least you have a property now. its YOURS! i dont even have any to begin with … sigh.

do up your funky shit!

im truly happy for u. im happy. happier to see u happy.


Posted: January 22, 2009 in family
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wife’s little niece wrote this on my facebook wall… hehehehahahaha… damn cute sia….

my 30th birthday

Posted: January 19, 2009 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Wife
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i used to celebrate my birthday for 7 days during the birthday week. not a party kind of celebration, but spending the time with my family and friends. i used to and indeed, still think that birthdays are very very important in peoples lives.

on my 30th birthday week, i had to spend the early half in camp and in the jungle. on a positive note, even though not direct, i take things as happy as i can. for instance, i was supposed to be out of camp only on my birthday eve, but they allow us to outpro on a friday. which means, i have more days for my family and family. i’ll take that as a gift from the army. jajai met me at my place before booking in last saturday to atec debrief and outpro, he brought 2 tupperwares of rice and mutton dalcha with fried liver. his wife cooked it and wanted him to eat with me. i’ll take that as a gift from him and nadia. mom cooked ikan sebelah masak merah on sunday and called me over to eat. Since it’s one of my favourite meal, I’ll take that as a gift from mom.

anyways, i would like to thank these people, for wishing me a happy birthday.

first and foremost“, my wife. getting my father in law to go dinner at mad jacks on my birthday eve. She also set up a surprise dinner at yishun safra inviting my other brother, gilbert and his wife. It was overly a touching moment. (do check out the pics on facebook, if they’ve uploaded em) wife said we have to reach yishun by 8.30pm. immediately, i knew it’d be Eatzi Steakhouse. After sending the car to bak, wife drove me there. the place was pretty quiet. while waiting for food and wasting the battery on the camera, a birthday song was played. There, my brother, Gilbert and his wife Dya, strummed in with a cake and 3 big candles on top of it. i almost broke down. shy at the loud birthday song, and waves from the other tables, i smiled in disbelief.

mom called me and wished me over the phone. sad that she couldnt spend the time with me. she gave me a lengthy birthday wish which sweat my ears. she told me that cicit cried cos she didnt spend the time with me this time round…

later that night, i had a text message from another chinese brother, all the way from guangzhou, china. i replied “you have never failed to remember my birthday after these years”. and his touching reply was “you already call me brother, so this should be the way”. i melt again…

these people wished me thru sms and/or facebook.. thanks people, i really appreciate it. to name of those whom i can recall are bob, jajai, alfi, mimi, allie & rohai,shujun, jas, benny, aliff, ariff, ain and family, strat, ajid, vishnu, ros, ogy, wati, iza, baby, dimple, fariq, fida, fida sister, sayeeth,liang li, nani, haslina, abang az, lionel, gabe, joseph, ong, asrul, ijat, kevin, zaidi, ross, fauziah and family, asfa, heazry, wee kiat, seet yang, mashija, waichee, sharon, yan, ramlah, nurmiza, joshua, huzaini, si jie, lan, sunita and edwin.

thank you all

where’s my dad…. 😦

happy birthday cicit…

Posted: January 18, 2009 in family
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happy 8th birthday my little one. it’s sad i didnt get to bring you out on your birthday this time. i remembered bringing you to the zoo last year. and you certainly had a blast. even though our time spent was short, im sure you are more than happy to have spent your time with me.

i was told by ibu that this year, you yearn for a converse shoe. i was stunned to learn that you actually asked for it. thank god, i heard things wrongly. cos i know, none in my family was brought up to ask for things. you either earn it, or get it yourself. and 8 years old is not the time for fashion. its time for studies and fun.

anyways, theres another thing i heard from ibu which somehow touched my heart. last week, when ibu fetched you from your place, you actually did brought along the present i got you last year. you got it washed and requested for it to be placed in ibu’s car.

i know deep down inside, your not the asswipe you potrayed in front of the whole world. i know deep down inside, you are one very strong willed independent girl. its tough not being liked by many. but you somewhat deserved it due to your stubborn character. not to worry darling, one fine day, you might just be the person they seek help from when they are in need.

by then, you ought to be returning the love that was showered to you from ibu & ayah. be sure you fulfill those. happy 8th birthday my naughty little one.

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its 0150hrs and im awake. woken by the pile of schoolwork which has been running thru my mind since i left class. this COQ and stuffs are giving me nightmares before i even fall asleep. my excite-o-meter blast to its brim when wife texted me after class. but … nothing much …. supper with bak and wife. then back home, shower and sneep. before the awakening began.

anyways, 2 nights back, i was woken by another dream. a middle aged caucasian lady was patting the bed and pillows and said “lets not let the problems begin from here”. i remembered wife asking me what happened but i just cant bring myself to talk. take a good look around and to ensure that it was all a dream. sheeesh! for a moment i thought it was an encounter with ghost.

ok la.. i wanna go sleep… i hope. wife’s busy catching worms in her dreams already i believe. gu’nite.

ryan zabar adam

Posted: June 27, 2007 in family
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i havent been telling about the birth of my nephew. baby ryan zabar adam. he is so cute, hairy …. and that is about it.

when u love your wife

Posted: June 5, 2007 in Wife
when u love your wife …….

you’ll wear pink

the invitation cards are ready. ready to be unleashed. in 6 weeks time, i’m going to be a husband to a wonderful woman.

the self designed card was intended to be simple, slick, yet not sore to the eye. main objective is not to be a typical malay wedding invitation card… so there u have.. the iceywiceys inc designed card. the 7×2 stripes on the left was meant to be the trademark we have for our love mobile. the color white and pink are designated being white my favourite color and pink my wifey’s numero uno.

for those who have not passed me your address… please do so immediately.

men nite out

Posted: January 11, 2007 in family, Golf
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bak, uncle nang, wak and myself went for golf range. tips by tips by tips. i played from 8.30 all the way till 10. the were some blood from my thumb. but its alrite. i really wanna be good with this game. i cant believe that i sucked at it. but i know that i can only get better from more training.

when we were ending, uncle nang asked me where my clubs were. i didnt own any by the way. then he asked me when is my birthday. I ‘terbeliak’ at him and say its NEXT week! I even got more ‘terbeliak’ when he say he will try to gimme his old club set. my jaw dropped. bak asked why i didnt bring the nike clubs. i go “errrr… ermmmm… errrr…..”

we then go to JK (labelled by the late hamblauz inc) for supper. 17 bucks worth of rojak keling, 30 satays and mee goreng. all shared by us. burrrrrrrrppppp.

it was a good men night out after all….

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::my beautiful love::

Posted: October 14, 2006 in Isk, Wife
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my babs.. my girlfriend, my buddy, my best friend, my fiancee, my wife …. my life partner.

in many circumstances i have thought that we can never be us again… but i was so wrong. i dont know why i have never write off the chances of us being together again. here i am, soon to wed .. my beautiful love.

she made me ‘move’. things that i will never do, she will somehow, by hook or by crook (most likely) make me do things i never do. to name a few, she made me drive to places that i’ve never been by myself (to pick her up) which i will never do before i re-met her, she made me ate my first pastamania meal, she made me wore pink (yikes!), she made me NOT a big fat liar whom i was once bestowed, she made me changed my priorities in life, she made me think that i can achieve things that i dont think i will … she just gave me that extra nudge.

Its a fact that i’ve never… never i repeat, loved a woman the way i loved her. i could never be as motivated in life until she returned back in my life.

we do all the silly things together. i once showed some pictures of us to my american counterpart. and the first thing he told me is that, “so she is as crazy as you”. He goes to the extend of asking me how much do i pay to take a kissing photo with a hottie like her. heh… what an ass.

never a relationship goes without disagreements, quarellings, disatisfaction … cos its all in the package called love. even with them, it makes the coffee tasted perfect, it neutralizes the acid in a soap, it levels uneven grounds… even if the tsunami would replace its name to ours, it is understood that the sea isnt always calm.

i have god to thank to bring her back in my life. the day when it all happened… was still vivid on my mind. i didnt know how come i get a lil jumpy when i got the chance to have breakfast with her. i didnt know why i responded the way i did when we met up. i didnt know why i brought her to my place again. i think those should be better left unexplained. cos those, made me a stronger believer in fate.

darling, if u think that i am a wonderful man, it was made by you. without you, i would still be the person who will live his day without hope, without directions, without purpose in life.

when we put both our feet together, we have our toes pointing forward. and thats where we are heading…. to the future… together … no matter what. i love u very much.

so what is love? simple… its you.

bla bla bla

Posted: October 10, 2006 in family, Wife
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its been more than 2 weeks since mak’s departure. family’s still mourning for her death. its been difficult for bak and wifey to move on.
as for myself as an outsider, i guess ive done my part and will continue doing so to see that all’s going well. had a good lengthy conversation with bak last night after the tarawikh prayers. we talked so much topic in one night. i felt good after talking to him and really hoped he felt good talking to me too. we usually didnt talk that much and i guess yesterday was a good time for us to know each other better. and we did.
as for wifey’s job, i hope there are good companies out there whom are gonna employ her. they dont know the talent in her. u see.. the problem is that sometimes she is just a bit lazy. but i guess after our marriage, this will go away. she will learn the importance of all these responsibilities. she is facing with it now that mak is gone. she have to take more responsibilities. again… i can only help to a certain extend… but she have to pull herself together and do all the things that she might not have been doing.
im getting sleepy… ok lah. bye.

::missing u mak …. ::

Posted: September 29, 2006 in family
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“i luv both of you very much no words can express”
“please take care, we are worried 4 u”
“is what happen at LTA u ar suppose to let me know”
“we love both of u so much we wil pray 4 yr gd health pls take care”
“i did not go i felt better why ar u at polyclinic u ar now well”
“so sorry i am in the office any way thank u so much 4 yr concern luv”
“is u seem u ar not yrself i keep asking nanu what is wrong with u it seems u are not well i dont hv to know maybe i am not part of the family”

above are the few sms she sent me before she left all of us. im missing the long conversations with her over the phone, im missing the times we had when i picked her up from office after my school, i missed the times we go shopping together… i missed her sooooo much.

mak, u know we all love you very much right? i know u came last night but we all couldnt see you. i felt your presence mak. please be with us, wherever we are mak. you know we wont leave you behind. you are the life of our family mak. please mak, take care of urself up there. im sure u are placed with good people. you are one mother no one can ever have. no one….

your daughter is not convinced that u knew she loves u. please tell her that u knew mak… please.

and please also do keep a lookout for bak. he misses u … he loves u very much. and we all know u love him too.

please accept our prayers… cos thats the only thing we can do. we know we dont need to tell GOD that u are a good woman. he creates u … and of cos he knows his own fantastic creation.

mak, we all miss you.