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Posted: July 5, 2011 in Food, lessons in life
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learning to cook

not really my way but… yeah… sometimes it happens.

:: potato salad day ::

Posted: October 14, 2006 in Food
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so whats cooking?

break fast today at pastamania, toa payoh. not that im a big fan of pastamania or wat… its just that it rekindles the times i had with babs eating at pastamanias… how she ‘pushed’ me eating the italiano noodles. well the food turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise for me. the crayfish pasta rawks. so does that soury chicky pasta babs always eat.

this time round, babs ordered potato salad as starters.

quickly, ibu’s potato salad rushed thru my mind. its been last year’s fasting month i had that. wonder when will she ever cooked that again. ibu is not that prompt as mak when coming to entertaining my food requests. so the salad at pastamania somehow did lightened me up a little. babs doesnt know that this is one of the top charter in my fav food list.

bla bla bla.. bla bla blaa… i got home. changed to my bathing gear (towel wrapping around my lower half) i logged on the internet and start chatting with babs. got stucked with our website’s mail server before i go shower. on the way to shower, i saw some food on the table… TO MY SURPRISE…. its ibu’s potato salad!!!!! What a coincedence! SNAP! attached is the photo of the potato salad she left behind for me. together with some french toast and a slice of the indian pizza (murtabak). must be from victoria street… cos i know they wont buy murtabak elsewhere.

so thats the story of my “potato salad day”. brought to me by my two ladies in life. nenek’s potato salad is still unbeatable… up to date. step aside grandma… my wife is coming for some takeover….