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the long awaited ‘numero eighto’ came and go.

a whole new wind of change, would be how i’d describe it. not gonna touch on some idiocracy decisions by the men with appointments… but we all know, this is somehow ‘expected’ when you are in green. it automatically makes one stupid, dirty, lazy … and the list goes on.

yang pertama dan utama.... ??!

the guys (commanders included) who were ‘fighting fit’ couldnt care much for what’s going on. the guys who were ‘unfit’ were fitter at administrative, or rather “own time own target” roles.

its the best time to hang around old friends talking about the ‘glory days’ and to catch up on whats going on with each other lives. Revelations of some dudes just became interesting….

From sad stories of broken marriages to happy stories of making it big. all walks of life… all sorts of dramas.

And usual questions i have to deal with everytime… Eeeeeuuurrrkkkhhhhh.

all in all, its a good waste of time.

my atec 2 in camp training

Posted: January 17, 2009 in army, rants & ramblings

first week
ok, this is damn boring… the long awaited atec is here. its the “sort of” the final assesment on my redcon 1 unit. 2 weeks. 2 freaking weeks to get this done. and come to think of it, this will be the 7th ICT. meaning to say, im left with 3 more in camps and im done with the army!!

since im a downgraded personel, we’re not supposed to be engaged with streneous exercises. i have no idea, where the label “LOBO” came from, but it’s commonly used to distinguish the not doing anything group of soldiers. i am temporarily downgraded to C2L1 till July 09. This means that i dont have to serve IPPT/RT during these downgrade period.

while the rest of them are busy brushing up their soldiering skills, the Lobos are busy with the cylum straw party. hey we did our part ok! wife texted me to listen to class 95 after 10pm. I managed to listen to Yassminne Cheng reading out the dedication. She pronounced iceywicey as iceywiFey… dumb. i was overly touched by the dedication… thanks darling. it soothed the boredom in camp. the rest of my camp mates were teasing me about it… heh!

come friday, we got to book out! i was too happy to be able to book out. but that night, wife got sick. she was supposed to be admitted to changi hospital to monitor her asthma but she refused to. haiz….

second week
monday morning book in. pre atec speech was pretty influential and spiritual. bla bla bla bla .. i really dowan to story about the out field …… bla bla bla….

i come to a conclusion that this ICT is pretty much meaningless to me. but … but…. behind this damn bodo meaningless ICT, lies some lessons. Some lessons in life which are very useful. I will share with you on my upcoming postings…. promise.

i’ve never agreed upon the idea of those NSmen whom were above 30 to serve the nation via reservist call ups. i dislike the army the moment i completed my 1st year service in the GDS unit. apart from the morning wake ups, the horrible food (i know compared to our grandfather generations, we are much of the lucky bastards), the physical exercises, the area cleaning, the bunk inspections and all those craps are way beyond my discipline. despite the disciplinary facts, i somehow dislike the way the army works. i thank god that im not a regular or some ranked buggers in the military. for their life will have lots of memories during their active but the aftermath is more or less tragical for they have nothing to fall back on.
im flying to aussie early november this year. again queensland… again wallaby/orion exercise. i am going with a very heavy heart. i am seriously not looking forward into this trip. not the thoughts of walking with additional 30kg on my back for 10-20 km, not the bashing of thick jungles, not the thoughts of getting dirty and tired. i just cant bear to leave my wifey behind. the thoughts of not having 3 weekends with her weakened my joints… not having her beside me makes me as good as a living dead …. this feeling i think i need not worry cos its a good sign. and i hope and pray that it didnt die. how do i live comfortably when i dont have her by my side. sigh.. this sucks.

let me just carry on with my sighing … u all can go and bonk urselves. bye.