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made in china

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Work
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alarm went off at 6:45am! i need to be at the airport at 7:30am! OMFG! im late!! wife cried, i left, FIL sent me to the airport, met HY for breakkie, met my cousin at the airport gate while he was on duty… and *poof* im outta Singapore.

Have to admit that im not a fan of the window seat. Beside me, there’s this angmoh lady. She’s quite petite but im sure she has to get off her seat if i were to go to the loo. What im trying to say is that its a freaking crampy seat. my knees were less than an inch to the back of the front seat. so much hype for an A380. But nonetheless, it was a smooth 5 hours flight. Or probably because i need not get outta my seat at all.

goodbye singapore, hello china!

And i just have to rub in that the SIA stewardess are not those whom you’d be proud with walking in town. *honest*. the dudes are way better looking.

That 5 hours flight, i occupy myself with HIMYM (2 episodes) and 2 and a half men. Laughing my ass off with Charlie Sheen’s antics, not caring the lady giving me the cock stares every 10 minutes. (how inconsiderate… of me)

HY is probably enjoying his isle seat having flows of wines and beers. I assume..

5 hours later, we are in HK international airport. First thing to do, is to get on their free WIFI (which sucks) to ‘whatsapp’ people back in SG on my safe landing. Slacked for an hour at Gloria’s Cafe while waiting for our ferry to Macau. We skipped the direct ferry to Zhuhai to save that miserable 1 hour of journey time.

After the one hour ferry ride to Macau, (i refuse to add on the frustration of waiting for our luggage) we hopped on a cab to bring us to the China border. Tadaaa… we arrived at the GongBei port. To my surprise, the human traffic is like i have to multiply by 23827298612 of what i normally see at the JB customs. If one has to complain about the kiasuism in Singapore, they ought to see whats going on here. Hy was even pushed by an elderly who wants to get in line.

After that horrific experience, we finally crossed the border and finally made it in china. That 200 meters walk to our hotel room was quite an eye opener too. I’ve never seen so much people in a mall all my life.

Ahhhh… we finally stepped in the hotel. Someway or another, i feel secured. To date, i have no idea what the guys meant that in China, this Charming Hotel is a 5 stars hotel but to the locals, its a 4 stars hotel.

Anyways, its located at 2 Weiji Road (Weiji Lu), Gongbei. Do check it out if you happen to travel to Zhuhai. I would recommend you guys this hotel apart from the Holiday Inn which is some few miles away. Reason being, you can almost get anything and everything within a km circumference of the hotel. I really mean literally everything. Clothes, gadgets, Food… wait… i just said Everything didnt i?

One thing i enjoyed when i touch down was its weather. Its a mere 17deg during day. Which i feel is juuuusssttt nice for my thick and warm skin.

the only thing i wanna bitch about work is the 1hr odd journey to the factory. the bumpy ride and the inconsiderate drivers didnt help any bit. toilets within the factory though i’d rate them 1/10, its still very much preferred if i were to compare those in public.

apart from me being a brown alien in their country, everything seems good. thank god i speak a little mandarin. it helps a lot. in fact, i think it has become something fancy. i can visualize the tiny manjans there talking to each other “what the f**k he wants from us?”. when i walked thru the production floor, none didnt take a glimpse of me. the brown skin must’ve been glowing i reckon, for them to get distracted from their work. the lunch hours there is pretty dope. they were made to switch off electricity and have power naps. this, i am impressed.

The food in china is so so… for a humble mc’nugget who eats hawker centre food like me, its rather tough. i cant find halal hawker centre food there. my worry of eating dog meat is always on top of my head… nonetheless, i ate at weird places like a mushroom restaurant (i hate mushrooms), restaurant which looks like a boat… and some weird other places.

Over the weekend, my and my colleague get to walk around Macau a little. If not for his bad tummy, we would’ve been there longer. The immediate sense of sanity embraced me the moment i stepped in Macau. The people are different, the money is different, the air is different…. the entire feel is different.

Managed to wonder around two casinos…. and an early dinner at a portugese restaurant.

i seriously could blab a lot about the trip in this blog… but… i will just end it here. bye bye.



adios babe

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Work
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another colleague left us today. a good friend of mine. it didnt feel like it has been 6 years we have worked together.

noora with the operations group

she has obviously gone for greener pastures. joining another company which has some of DQA’s staffs there. She will be reuniting with Jo, Su and some of the guys who left Flex….  Money does make people move. Something some people need to learn….

though no one can be considered indispensable, when core people with skills starts leaving and not replaced adequately, things can go in shambles.

anyways, i’ll blog on that more in detail in other posts.

good luck noora. hope u like the card made by Pink Frocks.


crazy pompuan

Posted: June 18, 2008 in rants & ramblings, Work
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it reads:

Pls call me you freakin XXXXXXXXXX

This Lake Chee May is really a piece of shit. Have your “professional” HR did this to you?


Posted: August 23, 2007 in Isk, rants & ramblings, Work
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im actually quite boring. bored with the fact that i have not achieved what i want in my life. but do i exactly know what i want? and what have i done to achieve it? well as of now, im taking things with quite a big leap.

when i joined the workforce, i wanted to earn at least 30k per annum before i turned 30. well based on my low qualification, i cant really expect that much. without papers, without that much experience, there’s quite not much places you can venture. so how would i want to strike it rich? on honest opinion, its pretty tough for me. i’ve seen thru the ranks that one can only be rich with some gamble… with some risk. and thats either through stocks or business. boss aimed that i ought to be an engineer by 2007. and now, im only an AE. subjected for the next level this November… PROVIDED if things goes smooth. thats for work.

religiously, i still blow. knew that i will be sent down there beside bush, in the oven. yelling for help. knowing no one can help. the amount of sins on my left shoulder, my goodness. i think it has to be measured by tons. with more adding on… i need to work something out.

my target age of being a married man was between 28 – 35. I thought i would be when i turned 30. But i’m married when i’m 28.

academically, nothing to be proud about. financially too.

my lecturer from Ass Que Ai once said, “when you want to change, make sure you change the inside you. not the outside you”. it kindda make me wonder a lot sometimes. what can i change myself into? a better person of course. so spot on! lets make the difference…. yeah rite.

moi daye

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Isk, rants & ramblings, Work
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On calibration course these 2 days wit Jas. Rushed my way for the train. Little that i’ve noticed, this is something i’ve missed for about 3 & 1/2 years. The environment, the atmosphere, is rather comical than serious.

Students blabbering about school while they drag their bum a good 1.5km across ave 9. Some rushing adults trying hard not to exceed their time grace from work. Smoking fat lady was infront of me doing her ‘jog’ to the control station. I worry she gets chocked by her cigarette n not to mention, her awesomely tight outfit. Pretty…. Pretty gross. On the platform, there’s this dude really acted cool. Unsure if he realize that his dresscode needs the yelow to make him the traffic light for the train. Heh!

In the train, i started to get bored. My ipod is in my car, so’s my psp. Dammit. And so i create my own game. I picked 5 young, smart looking men, and 5 women in covered shoes. So i have to guess at which station they’ll drop. Stupid … Like duh. Everyone is dropping off @ either orchard, dhoby gawd or the interchange.

The class was splendidly boring! Theorically & Technically. Thank god for the 20 mins break. Had a good puff for break. And a cuppa tasty coffee. Less did I know, that place also cater for students who are taking O,A, dip and degree… they all come down to the main door for a smoke. Now i feel old. Circled by young girls and boys telling blogging with their mouth about the entertainment arena, i felt left out. Evading the situation, i climbed back to the class. Darn the stairs… but nothings will compare the “West Coast Stairs of Doom” and the “833 short stairs to stress”, not to mention the horrid stairs i climbed in Bali for my honeymoon.

The lecturer continued his Calibration formula lesson and before i know it, LUNCH TIME!!!

I had to grab the double cheese. To overcome the cold one I had a few days back. Geez, thank god the double tasted like how it should taste.

Lesson continued after lunch, and only 30 mins into it, my malaysia counterpart called. Thats it. i spent 45 mins on the phone outside class. Trying to align things for the Pee Tee Pee project. When I got back to class, it was already break.. again. Heh! The lecturer commented, my hair became messy after the phone call. He just have to make the whole class turned around and focus on my hair. Oh yeah, my hair after the cut doesnt make much difference. Damn smelly mouthed aunty.

Bla bla bla, it was already 4.30 and the lecturer calls it a day. How nice. I get to go home early. Ok la… not really that nice. But still Ok after all. The MRT journey home was somehow rather nice. It seems that every stop along line carries memory. Jas was all out for a seat. I never minded standing. The perfume from the ladies in the cabin managed to kill the pungent from some sweaty schoolboys.

My walking journey home wasnt that pleasant either. I was on the phone till i reach my void deck with colleagues talking about WORK.

Now here I am .. back home. Bored. Blogging.

table is intolerable

Posted: May 25, 2007 in Work
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my table has been messy these few days. marlic is not around to clean up my table. she’s my filipino maid in the office. then YF now take over the duty of clearing my table. but she hasnt been cleaning. aunty cleaner will only clear the rubbish…. haiz…. lets see… who’s the better candidate….
funny how i cant stand messiness at home, but im the mess in office.

getting back on track

Posted: October 12, 2006 in Isk, rants & ramblings, Work
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great .. just great. i just found out that muslims can leave the office by 5.30pm in the month of ramadhan. today is like the 16th day and i just got to know… today. thanks to jasmine. yeah… of all people.. jasmine. she was asking me “do u know the malays all leave at 5.30pm during fasting month?”
oh well… it doesnt make that much difference to me since im like only 5km away from home. but still, how come i wasnt informed. anyway, there is another reason… ive always been coming late.. very late .. this month. not to blame the fasting month..and whatever is happening lately… but its just my lack of discipline to get enough rest. knowing my body wouldnt be able to accomodate to waking up early if i had late nights, i still stayed up till 3am everyday. and by 4, the whole family is up to ‘sahur’. i will wait till about 5am to wake my wife and bak for their ‘sahur’. then get back to sleep. this will drag till 9am or even 10am. its bad.. its unhealthy for my career.
aaron, on the other hand is reviving his way thru. he had been reaching office very early. he had been very “on the balls” cos his projects have already started. and now for myself, i will wait till tomorrow. cos tomorrow marks the beginning of the project SUICIDAL.

i wanna ge tback on track. i wanna be like the old me… the workdog i was. i wanna strive .. i wanna do my best… i wanna this i wanna that… fuck la.. just see how will it be. my conscience is clear. i wanna get back on track. period.

Outsourcing (or contracting out) is often defined as the delegation of non-core operations or jobs from internal production within a business to an external entity (such as a subcontractor) that specializes in that operation. Outsourcing is a business decision that is often made to lower costs or focus on competencies. A related term, offshoring, means transferring work to another country, typically overseas. Offshoring is similar to outsourcing when companies hire overseas subcontractors, but differs when companies transfer work to the same company in another country. “Outsourcing” became a popular buzzword in business and management in the mid-1990s.

So just how much does outsourcing affects the workforce, the business and the country’s prosperity? I am not quite a big fan of oursourcing myself. But it does wonders. As much as I hate it, i love it. It solves all problems which we may thought that its a dead end. It does saves money. It saves time, implementation costings, operational costings and manpower costings.. bla bla bla …. so why is it still being hated!?

i personally think that it limits one’s skill technically.. or maybe even academically. the integrity of a company that outsources also might be affected. this also means that some will loose their job.

well whatever it is, its still a pain in the ass if its threatening you.. and its a gift from heaven if it serves your nature right. tell me about it. heh!

there’s these 2 dude who just joined the department recently impressed me. i mean it … im really impressed. he symbolizes the opposite of what singaporeans are, in certain aspects.

despite the pay they’re drawing (nothing to be proud about.. i should say its rather demeaning) they have the absolute character and attitude towards work. very unlike the typical singaporeans who just cant stop whining about their pay, too much work load, too little prospects bla bla bla .. and the list of 1000 whines goes never ending…

gentleman A has gotta bad past. was convicted, and now climbing his way back for public acceptance. his work, i’d rate a 9.7 out of 10. despite of his not impressive education background, he tries and kept on trying to get his understanding of the job better each time. of course he does need the guidance. he has never complain about his work. hardly hear him sigh when a task was given. smiling .. always.

gentleman B looks like he’s with a decent education. his command of english was pretty good too. even though busy with task given, never failed to help the rest with his own initiative. chirpy and jovial boy, he asks questions which are sensible to the brain.

some things they have in common. both are down to earth, humble and very hardworking (just like me). never, never late for work. some things which lacked in a typical singaporeans workforce (myself included also). which brings me to remember 2 M aunties i recruited a year ago…. lazy, ‘complainful’ and horrible working attitude. period. i have a soft spot for people who are humble and down to earth. a very soft spot indeed. does that mean i can get easily cheated? not quite…

A & B, u two are the bestest.

only muties have the answer

Posted: September 19, 2006 in Wife, Work
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never a day gone by without the muties irritating babs. either by word or by reactions… or maybe its just their plain look. i feel sad for them for they are born that way. perhaps their momma didnt teach them how to live a life a human should live.

i dont know them personally… but have been hearing a little too much about them. it gives me a perception that they really take their job seriously… ok who doesnt… but a little too seriously. but i respect their commitment to the job. to hear them staying up late to complete their task, not everyone will do. maybe a designer’s job is a no life job. and all these while i tot being a designer, one is definitely cool, chirpy, jovial and crazy as can be… cos all these are nothing but inspirations for them to get the ideas and keep their creative mind moving. in babs office, i guess thats not the case.

these two muties do have attitude problems as well. phone answering can be an issue.. i mean what the heck. it does sound pathetic.. but yet again, im in no shoe to give them the stick. i dont experience the shit they go thru, the dateline they are rushing, the lack of idea syndrome. i might end up being the same if i were to be in such situation. haha…

and oh yeah, theres someone new. the loudie. what a combi… a loudie, two muties.. and that makes the boss the dumbtoad. and i hope they put in more sincere and clever conversations with babs. or i think, its time for a sales shark to be recruited.

step aside muties, here comes the loud haler… and its only smarties have the answer.

san diego’ing nooman

Posted: August 29, 2006 in Work
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ah… new project’s comin up. lookin forward to it. newman.. wat a name.

anyways, the meeting with the san diego and IPMO peeps have been good (picture). the new dude under pablo’s supervision seemed a little weird. yeah its his first time out of his country… so what. he’s not as crazy as pablo is, and definitely doesnt seemed as professional as pablo is. well, yet to work with him and know his work patterns.

we brought them to sanur for lunch. yadaa yadaa yadaaa… its catching up time for me and pablo. about music, sports, life and of course.. work. yogi seemed as crazy as well. so this jing gang would be good to work with. babs called me while we were ordering food. had a quick good chat with her for a while. she’s gonna have lunch with mak today… sounds good.

when we’re back in office, its down to business. work work work work work… its gonna be busy.