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my first ulat...

happy 3rd birthday ryan zabar adam. i love you. i hope you like the real madrid jersey with that scum, Ronaldo’s name on the rear. though i dont like him much, he’s one of the best in the world… and so are you.

Dadi birthday today

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Happy birthday to you ayah. You are my gem, my life, my soul, my driver in my heart. You are the only human I ever worship. We always do and will forever have that instinct about each other.

Though on the surface we are silent, there’s somewhere in us that we do connect. Today, 5th may, u turn 56. I wish u happiness, I wish you love.

I’m sorry I didn’t turn out what u expected me to. I’ve did many decisions in my life which u may wish I weren’t yours. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the trouble or shame I put u thru.

May god lengthen your life to let me see ur joy living thru your golden years. I love you ayah. More than it’s imaginable.

Birthday Month

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Today is the last day of my birthday month… *sob* *sob*

so what… go to hell… LOL!

in pursuit of happyness

Posted: January 19, 2009 in movies
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on my birthday night, i was watching pursuit of happiness. yeah that awesome will smith movie.

him selling density bone scanner out of some shit franchise deal, demand not good due to its only quality is to provide a more dense quality than of X rays. his wife left him. he’s heavily in debt. he has his son with him. they became more and more homeless. he joined the Dean Reynolds as an unpaid intern with the catch of only one of the many who enrolled in the intern program gets the job. Chris (will Smith) succeed in getting the job. THAAAAAAANNNGGGGGGGGG! The DVD hangs… FUCK! SHIT! PISS! I’m at the peak of the movie! WHY!!!!!!!!

i’m actually hooked watching his perseverence and hardwork. not many have that capibility of survival. and his wife, loose it up on him. probably no wives would hang on. this is the extreme of going thru a rough patch. his son was in much maturity and willing to go anywhere his dad goes. they slept in toilets, subways and a daily basis sort of bunk. it’s sad.

i read up and learnt that after he got the job, he starts his own brokerage firm and became rich.

perseverence baby… pure perseverence…

will smith deserves the Oscar he won for his role as Chris Gardner. Not forgetting his real son (Jaden) in this movie shows he’s got the will smith in him.

after watching this movie, if any human is not being appreciative to their own circumstances should go hang himself dry in the corner.

my 30th birthday

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i used to celebrate my birthday for 7 days during the birthday week. not a party kind of celebration, but spending the time with my family and friends. i used to and indeed, still think that birthdays are very very important in peoples lives.

on my 30th birthday week, i had to spend the early half in camp and in the jungle. on a positive note, even though not direct, i take things as happy as i can. for instance, i was supposed to be out of camp only on my birthday eve, but they allow us to outpro on a friday. which means, i have more days for my family and family. i’ll take that as a gift from the army. jajai met me at my place before booking in last saturday to atec debrief and outpro, he brought 2 tupperwares of rice and mutton dalcha with fried liver. his wife cooked it and wanted him to eat with me. i’ll take that as a gift from him and nadia. mom cooked ikan sebelah masak merah on sunday and called me over to eat. Since it’s one of my favourite meal, I’ll take that as a gift from mom.

anyways, i would like to thank these people, for wishing me a happy birthday.

first and foremost“, my wife. getting my father in law to go dinner at mad jacks on my birthday eve. She also set up a surprise dinner at yishun safra inviting my other brother, gilbert and his wife. It was overly a touching moment. (do check out the pics on facebook, if they’ve uploaded em) wife said we have to reach yishun by 8.30pm. immediately, i knew it’d be Eatzi Steakhouse. After sending the car to bak, wife drove me there. the place was pretty quiet. while waiting for food and wasting the battery on the camera, a birthday song was played. There, my brother, Gilbert and his wife Dya, strummed in with a cake and 3 big candles on top of it. i almost broke down. shy at the loud birthday song, and waves from the other tables, i smiled in disbelief.

mom called me and wished me over the phone. sad that she couldnt spend the time with me. she gave me a lengthy birthday wish which sweat my ears. she told me that cicit cried cos she didnt spend the time with me this time round…

later that night, i had a text message from another chinese brother, all the way from guangzhou, china. i replied “you have never failed to remember my birthday after these years”. and his touching reply was “you already call me brother, so this should be the way”. i melt again…

these people wished me thru sms and/or facebook.. thanks people, i really appreciate it. to name of those whom i can recall are bob, jajai, alfi, mimi, allie & rohai,shujun, jas, benny, aliff, ariff, ain and family, strat, ajid, vishnu, ros, ogy, wati, iza, baby, dimple, fariq, fida, fida sister, sayeeth,liang li, nani, haslina, abang az, lionel, gabe, joseph, ong, asrul, ijat, kevin, zaidi, ross, fauziah and family, asfa, heazry, wee kiat, seet yang, mashija, waichee, sharon, yan, ramlah, nurmiza, joshua, huzaini, si jie, lan, sunita and edwin.

thank you all

where’s my dad…. 😦

happy birthday cicit…

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happy 8th birthday my little one. it’s sad i didnt get to bring you out on your birthday this time. i remembered bringing you to the zoo last year. and you certainly had a blast. even though our time spent was short, im sure you are more than happy to have spent your time with me.

i was told by ibu that this year, you yearn for a converse shoe. i was stunned to learn that you actually asked for it. thank god, i heard things wrongly. cos i know, none in my family was brought up to ask for things. you either earn it, or get it yourself. and 8 years old is not the time for fashion. its time for studies and fun.

anyways, theres another thing i heard from ibu which somehow touched my heart. last week, when ibu fetched you from your place, you actually did brought along the present i got you last year. you got it washed and requested for it to be placed in ibu’s car.

i know deep down inside, your not the asswipe you potrayed in front of the whole world. i know deep down inside, you are one very strong willed independent girl. its tough not being liked by many. but you somewhat deserved it due to your stubborn character. not to worry darling, one fine day, you might just be the person they seek help from when they are in need.

by then, you ought to be returning the love that was showered to you from ibu & ayah. be sure you fulfill those. happy 8th birthday my naughty little one.

19th January is 28

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my birthday is coming… but i am not excited. with babs being all stressed up with things, i am in no mood to do a celebration. the best present would be spending a good time with babs. nothing shall beat that.

i know that nothing much could be done. im so freaking old to celebrate a birthday.

maybe its the curse of my previous birthdays. it has been not nothing to be proud of till i find its not necessary to celebrate. but the ironic, i get excited easily on other’s birthdays. and that celebration shall depends on what i feel like splurging. hehehe *rub hands*