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advice is what you want when you already know the answer

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Read up. Try to immerse youself in the writer’s shoes. It might feel too real for you to even admit it.  This link was shared to me sometimes back.

test tis tos

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Isk
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yeah … take a good look at what im busy with. that was my old blog outlook … together with it, a chat window with my wife. so whats running on the background is actually work. which is of a lower priority .. hehe….
so how’s my new blog layout? nice? bluey??!!


Posted: September 10, 2006 in Isk
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ola…. so liverpool lost the merseyside derby. so what. i lost my mood. again. but nonetheless, the time with babs over the weekend, again pulled myself together. i must have been talking too much about the weekends. but hey, weekdays with my love is pretty all the same fun.
spent not much of my friday with babs. only the time from picking her up from school, and on our way back from dimpleks birthday party. am still coughing like mad. bak, as usual, “orang sakit patut rest kat rumah… & ada makan ubat .. .& mata dah sampai merah.”. felt the concern he showed. touched. yeah. really. the king of sarcasm did find his compatriot in the sarcastic life. heh!
saturday was good. bunked in with babs to watch the stupid lost, then off to dimpleks party again. made more conversations with her cousins this time round. something interesting we did after we left the party. not the big mistake we made by dropping off at east coast to get some quiet time… but the time and conversation done at our holy robbies’.
we talked about songs. yeah. a lot about songs. funny enuff, the stupid 25 minutes by MLTR became the start of this “game”. We try to understand the lyrics and start debating about the story line of the song. Ok, i know you guys wont have any idea what were we crapping about but it was nice. funny… the song “I will do anything for love, but i wont (do that)” by MEATLOAF, became another hot issue. anyone wanna tell us what does that “DO THAT” meant in that song?
ok nuff bloggin. babs doing homework and im happily blogging…. we’re now at West Coast Mac Donalds…. thanks SKYNETGLOBAL for the free internet. despite the sucky connectivity and bandwith, u guys still rawked! chao for now…


Posted: August 19, 2006 in Isk, rants & ramblings
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going private? heh… wat the heck. i dont think anyone knows this exists… good? bad? since 2004 … haha… ok. gotta remove past craps. new stuffs comin in…

why do people blog? when they have a network of people who knew the existence of their blog, it seems like its the best way to get attention from other people. cant deny that i tried blogging at a few sites. friendster’s and multiply’s blog is like making your freedom of speech heard. same goes for the MSN space. ive seen blogs that tell the whole life of theirs.. be it nice or sad, its all being blogged. some tell pathetic stories of theirs and with the hope that some friends or even strangers would “console” them online.. giving best wishes and genuine advise and all… oh well. not like as if its not happenin to me. it does. when the least i expect people to say something, they just popped up from god knows where to comment. anyways, let we all just say whatever we want .. and yet not get into trouble. like the idiot who post about religious stuffs and get others offended. heh… wat an ass.

me? its all been good. ok u may fuck off now

oh well watever… nevermind (kurt)