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isnt this tad disgusting?

shark boy turns lady boy for a bit… for once i find him cute.. LOL!

fantacey bullshits

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
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it was exposed that the one from the special breed was accusing the one from the normal breed for twisting words. contradictingly, in the same paragraph, it was twisting its own words. please do grow up my little pony. cos fantasy, is when i go get into all the lifestyle of rich and famous yet very pretentious as if there’s no dust in my life.

u are one really silly breed in fact. you disgust your breeders flying status with your own shit.

never had i cared about how your other similar breeders think about me. but again, u’ll never know my limit.

only fools believe and trust your gold plated self. never one knew about the rust in you. or probably the fools knew it, but they were too dumb.

you go on have a great life with all your bullshit fantasy. trust me, it wont be for long.