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brightness goodness

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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yellow yellow dirty fellow

yellow yellow dirty fellow

i was told by Aza to throw away my shirt, cos its TOO BRIGHT! idiot…. what do u think? or was should it be.. what was i thinking? 😦

Nee No Mah

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I wore my renoma shoes today. Mom got this for me a day before graduation. For an average family, to own a $160 paiir of shoes was a big deal for me.

8 years and still strong and comfy as brand new. It’s got the uumpphh!

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Posted: August 24, 2006 in just for laughs, rants & ramblings
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dress codes have always haunt me. i never liked places which requires dress code. but have to face the fact that if we dont stick to it, we’ll look like a dork magneting public eyes. shirts and pants are No No to me. I am more of the tucked out tee with bermudas and slippers kindda guy (only if i can wear like that in office). really cant be bothered with dressing up. as long as its clean and baggy, its cool with me. crumpled tees are also ok with me. as much as i hate to iron clothes, i dislike ironed clothes as well. only if i have to wear a shirt for some cock function, then i will consider ironing them.

there is a mall nearby my crib. and i dont understand my friends who need to dress up, have their hair gelled up, lots and lots of perfume….just to go to a neighbourhood mall. wat the heck…

another reason i believe is probably they have been down to family’s practice for those who are presentably dressed everywhere they go.. but to those dressing up just to impress… its just not being urself and not for being urself … it yucks.