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feel me

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

im lying if i say im not worried about my job security.

i’ve been thinkin… wat could i do next in life. i sould say more or less, the objectives are met. i’ve got my career path well taken care of, my love life has never been deteriorating, the relationship with my family somehow is getting good again, friends… ermm.. here and there but its still ok. but some things are still in need of tweakings. my spending habits, my diet, my religion, my self being .. all need some improvement.

yeah financially ive been getting quite an OK sum to survive till month end. but have i ever been contributing much to the house utilities? Not really. My diet needs some close observations. Sometimes i eat like there is no tomorrow. It is really affecting my health. my fagging … oh, it disgust me as much. ive not been really practising with religion matters. i know its gotta start somewhere. as discussed with wifey, i will source for some mosques nearby and start attending lessons. as for my self being, im a little changed as a person. with wifey, she added more senses in my meaningless life. and i have a reason to live.

oh my, why am i getting so emotional. heh!