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Posted: May 31, 2010 in just for laughs, Liverpool
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honestly… wtf? a malay banner in the liverpool forum?

for u non malay speaking beruks, it reads; “you are a lucky visitor. CLICK HERE to win an iPad.”

this is definitely a fail blog item…


Posted: August 26, 2006 in family
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yeah, i know its 5am …
who the heck would blog at bloody 5am in the morning. here i am unable to sleep and bloggin myself away. well actually i just got back from brothers crib. I couldnt see wifey any happier when they were to start playing monopoly. since my head’s spinnin, i gave it a pass to the ‘board/bored’game.

earlier, when me and wifey were busy with getting all the letters cum appeals ready for the govt, mum was screaming her heads off in shock on the phone. it really shook us (me and wifey) cos the way she reacts and her conversation with one of my aunt, was like there was a freak accident going on. i noticed the change of voice in mum as if she is gonna burst out in tears. mum then told me to go fetch aunt and ferry her to the KK hospital. her daughter had been rushed there by some policemen after getting her heads released from the gate grille. the first thing that came to my mind was how on earth did she get her head stucked within the gate??!! considering the fact that she do have quite a big head for a small framed sized 10 year old girl. next thing on my mind was could this be an over-reaction by my bollywood craze aunt? she is so capable of panicking at the slightest incident. well anyways, didnt want to visualise any further, wifey and i go over to her place to fetch her.

there, we waited for quite a while till we decided getting mum to call her. she is nowhere to be found. to our surprise, mum told us that she tell us to go home. cos another aunt is already on the way back with her daughters. it got me more agitated. firstly the panicky scenario, then telling us to go home cos the kids are already on their way back. i got a little frustrated and decided to ring my aunt who was bringin the kids back. to my another surprise, she was laughing and joking with me. and yes, the kid with the head stuck to the gate is with her .. and they were on their way back from some groceries shopping at the nearby Shing Shiong (huge provision shop). SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!??

me and wifey just waited for them at the void deck. objective is to see the condition of the kid with the head stuck to the gate and the detail explanation from her sisters. when they arrive like 20 minutes later, we were more shock to see the kid comin out from the car carrying some heavy stuffs. just wat the heck is going on??!! so there goes wifey with her crime investigation questions to the eldest sister. bla bla bla… bla bla bla… it all happened at about 3pm and their mum only knew about it by 9pm… bla bla bla .. the sister got the head stuck to the gate by god knows how … bla bla bla … SCDF came to the rescue by cutting the gate and rush her to the hospital to see if there are any injuries, bla bla bla … she got discharged a few hours later .. bla bla bla .. they went happily shopping for groceries .. bla bla bla .. their mum panicked and called my mum only at 9 pm … bla bla bla .. nothing really serious happened. and she is safely home now.

my goodness… what a night of bollywood. ya’ll see the picture attached ? yeah, thats probably how she got her head stuck in the gate.