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One month

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Uncategorized
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atukUnease, unpanic, uncertain, blank

These are the feelings I get when wife called me that atok (grandpops) got admitted in GH. He’s been in and out of GH, so I wasn’t really that surprised. But this time round, the news were more critical. On the way for his normal check up, he stopped breathing and his tongue were sticking out. It was just nice that they were on the last traffic light before the hospital entrance. My uncle Ed, has to rush him to the A&E instead. Told my wife not to panic and we left work immediately for the hospital.

There, my family were in the family room (I have high phobia of this room since atuk Salleh’s passing at NUH years ago.) waiting for the outcome. Pops gotta be under observation in the ICU. and of all places, it’s block 4. Yes, block 4 of GH is the place where people with heart problems go. I lost my grandma and my mother in law there. Together with the rest, we head to the ICU. We were told to wait outside cos they need an hour to settle things down. From an angle outside, I saw the oxygen tube chucked in granpops mouth. I was all sad.

The nerdy doctor asked for a spokesperson from the family. And he explained in detail what grandpops going thru. His chances were a fifty fifty. And it depends on the available options that we decide for him. As we were speaking, grandpops were actually on some life saver machine, supplying him the necessary oxygen he needs.

Grandpops lungs and heart had water retention and it’s making his condition worse. The 4 options were thrown to the table for us to decide quickly. Dialysis, at a high risk of him not surviving, medication then dialysis, only Medication till the end of course or let it be. An hour later, it was decided that we’ll go for option 3. If we were to choose the high risk dialysis, it will inflict him all the pain at a low survival rate. My 84 year old grandpa won’t be able to take it. The doctor totally didn’t recommend but to let us choose.

After opting for the full course of medication, they need to monitor him for the next 48 hrs. His condition deteriorates. He’s still unconciuos.

The next day, got text from uncle Ed that miracle happened. The water in his lungs managed to get cleared. And I can’t wait to see grandpops smile again.

So the doctor told uncle Ed that it’s a miracle he recovered from that stage. But if the next attack happened, he can’t be saved anymore. Doctors will review him for these few more days until he could be brought back. They also said the condition of his heart and kidneys have worsen and he is just passing his time. It was also told that he were to be brought home to spend more time with the family. He’s got an approximately one month to go. One month.

Now he’s already up. He wants to go home and start eating ketupat and sambal goreng. I felt the sadness in my mum’s heart. Yet, she’s taking it very strong. Keep reminding him to recite the 2 kalimah syahadat.

I start to imagine if I were him. To see his grandchildrens to his own 9 childrens, must’ve been bliss. If that were to be his deathbed, he would go peacefully knowing he had reminded all his grandchildrens to be filial sons and daughters to their parents. He has 23 grandchildren praying for him.

Memories of my time spent with him gushed in my mind. Im obviously not his favourite grandson. But we do have our moments. He will always be the one who will put religion in front of anything else. His faith and belief in god, has never detiriorate. And Im sure till his last breath, he’ll breathe Islam.

Grandpops, no matter where u are or where you’ll be, we will reunite one day. Insya Allah.

2 sisters goes preggies

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2 preggies get togetherBoth my sisters in laws are pregnant!! Yes! Both of them! Radya with the first one and Indy with her 2nd (5th). Awesome. I’m extremely excited.

Now I have one worm, and I’m going to have 2 more! WooHoo!


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1st Day

Ibu knocked on ‘my room’ door. Asking for the praying mat. Timecheck, it’s 5.45am. We have to rush cos our bus from Larkin will depart for Mersing by 8.30am. As much as we rushed, we still leave home at 7. Ayah, as usual, was already ahead of everyone. The whole body ache experience poofs by the overwhelming excitement of going Tioman for a holiday. Backtrack a little, I enjoyed every seconds spent in my old room. The feeling of sitting at the window never changed a bit.

Ariff & my Wife posing at the Paya Jetty, Tioman

Ariff & my Wife posing at the Paya Jetty, Tioman

Ok so here comes 950 to bring us to the checkpoint, then to Larkin. Khuluq and myself have some tummy ache to deal with. The moment we reached Larkin, the toilet became our first holiday destination. Fwaaaahhh! Damn shiok man… The berak experience. Had a quick breakfast before all 13 and a half of us board the semi-kucing kurap bus to Mersing. The usual suspect, the daytona driver, got us to mersing within 2 hours odd. The bumpy ride was some virgin experience to some. When we reached Mersing, we have like to walk another 500 meters to the Jetty. Along the way, Adik got his watch fixed, Ryan got his buoy and sand tools/toys. 12 noon and still not lunched, so we just have to rely on the Ramly burger. 2 hours later, we’re in Tioman!

The Chalet that we stayed in... Paya Beach Resort. Not bad eh

The Chalet that we stayed in... Paya Beach Resort. Not bad eh

Since today’s the first day, we refuse to waste time and wanna take full advantage of it. One thing, i’m still hungry. So after checking into the chalet, i went to go look for FOOD! Out of the few restaurants along the coast, only one was open. The manjan seafood. I asked if their food were halal. Since they said yes, we proceed. Ariff, Nadya, my wife and I ate their fried rice. Not to bad… or perhaps we were just hungry.

ibu & i with the kahuna behind us

ibu & i with the kahuna behind us

After lunch, we joined the rest of the family… who apparently couldnt wait any longer to get into the clear sea. My gosh i tell you, im totally overjoyed. The clarity of the water is so unlike our ‘cleanest’ beach in Singapore.

Wife joined later. We all never had enough of swimming, we then turned to the swimming pool. Adik, Khuluq and Ariff re-joined snorkelling to the rocks. Where they get to see the beautiful corals and colorful fishes.

To me, its an eye opener. 3 days in Tioman, not a minute of work was in my mind. I feel pure.

We then had the buffet dinner. It wasnt all impressive but hell yeah, i finished every single thing i had on the plate. Hungry from the snorkelling/swimming activities perhaps. The chicky coated with lime was the most awesome dish served. Yummers!

The room occupant has to get some minor change. Since Nadia is pretty ‘mis-aligned’, she was sent packing to sleep with my folks in exchange for Ariff.

my last catch of the night

my last catch of the night

At night, we have quite a few activities. After dinner, we head to the local karaoke ‘room’. It was embedded in a restaurant. Without aircon and poor sound quality, not to mention pathetic choices of songs to sing, it didnt take long before we changed activity. We went fishing! The elderly went back to sleep while my room and adik’s room occupant stayed out the night fishing at the jetty. It was fun.

About 3am, we went back to the room and start fighting with the Zzz monsters… tomorrow will be snorkelling day.

Day 2

my family getting ready for the snorkel trip

my family getting ready for the snorkel trip

Morning was insane. We have to rush for the breakfast at 7.30am. Our boat will be bringing us out by 9am. After breakfast, with our gears ready (macam paham), we head for the Jetty. There was an hour of delay due to bad weather. The wind was sooooo strong that it actually could turn Ryan into superman. We had milo sedap gila babi at one of their restaurant, and before we knew it, its time to go!

The boat we took only had about 20 passengers. All crazy for the snorkelling activity. We reached destination 1, a protected snorkelling area where corals and fishes are huge and within reach. We head to the beach side, and intended to swim to the platform. Regrets…. shit happened. My Tiff & Co wedding band slipped outta my finger and dropped to the bed of the sea. Just because i took the pack of bread from my wife, and try to keep the bread afloat for the fishes. It slipped… i am devastated. While the rest enjoyed snorkelling with the humongous fishes around them, me and wife snorkelled to look for the ring. Darn….

ayah, khuluq, adik, wife and i @ destination 2 snorkelling area

ayah, khuluq, adik, wife and i @ destination 2 snorkelling area

I totally lost my mood after that incident.  After an hour at destination 1, we proceed to destination 2, a tiny island out of nowhere. The water was damn cold, dark blue sea water, colorful corals in the deep and funny looking fishes swimming around us. This time, we have to jump off the boat. Not all of us plunged in. Indy starts vomitting, so does Athirah and Ariff. We left the spot early to get back to the chalet. For food’s sake, we did reached first. And was served the most undelicious lunch. The drumstick was nice though.

After lunch and wash up, me and wife went for mini shopping, before we go for a proper lunch, ‘outside’. This time, damn sedap. Double whammy burger, with milo peng sedap gila babi and fries! Even saw ayah and ibu eating Kway Teow later… Sneaky.

We decided to go for the SPA. An hour massage was the best body treatment me and wife ever had. I fell asleep the moment the messeus is done with my feet. I was complained later for snoring. *pffft*

the dinner makes my wife excited ... NOT!

the dinner makes my wife excited ... NOT!

At night, we had Grilled dinner. This time round, the food was alright. Im still expecting a sweet & sour fish. I can just wish… After dinner, we had some quality time chatting. It was a good feel chatting up with my brother at night, by the beach side restaurant (so called) with projected tele of the FA cup final.

Later on, wife wanted to fish. The fishing experience didnt last long and i dont wish to tell you why. *chuckles*

We went back to the room and concked out.

Day 3 (Last day)

Booooorrrrrrinnnnnnnnggggggg! Its time to go back… i wish it was extended. I havent got enough of the island…..

my pretty wife with my beautiful family

my pretty wife with my beautiful family

The 2 hours boat ride and 3 hours bus ride brought us home.

We were all drained from the travelling time… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

My indian family birthday

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indianaIt was Aunty Goree’s birthday. I’m happy to meet my wife’s maternal family. I’m more confident. I’m more myself. I felt sincerity. I felt the warmth & the love.

There is uncle munu, Ali asger, people whom I’ve never seen …. ever. They seemed like nice people. And we picked up easily. It’s nice to know someone who is of the same frequency & you don’t feel awkward to. It’s a shame I didn’t know my Indian family extension.

We all had nice dinner @ some pataya restaurant. Before we sang birthday song to Aunty Eee, with the guitar and all.

I’m truely blessed to know these nice people.

fantacey bullshits

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it was exposed that the one from the special breed was accusing the one from the normal breed for twisting words. contradictingly, in the same paragraph, it was twisting its own words. please do grow up my little pony. cos fantasy, is when i go get into all the lifestyle of rich and famous yet very pretentious as if there’s no dust in my life.

u are one really silly breed in fact. you disgust your breeders flying status with your own shit.

never had i cared about how your other similar breeders think about me. but again, u’ll never know my limit.

only fools believe and trust your gold plated self. never one knew about the rust in you. or probably the fools knew it, but they were too dumb.

you go on have a great life with all your bullshit fantasy. trust me, it wont be for long.

Lor 8

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im happy my brother got an apartment for himself. i believe he could never be happier. im proud of that little bastard to be exact. living in the ‘toilet’ room for many years, renting room from some friend must’ve been tiring. now you finally have a place to call home. at least you have a property now. its YOURS! i dont even have any to begin with … sigh.

do up your funky shit!

im truly happy for u. im happy. happier to see u happy.

happy birthday cicit…

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happy 8th birthday my little one. it’s sad i didnt get to bring you out on your birthday this time. i remembered bringing you to the zoo last year. and you certainly had a blast. even though our time spent was short, im sure you are more than happy to have spent your time with me.

i was told by ibu that this year, you yearn for a converse shoe. i was stunned to learn that you actually asked for it. thank god, i heard things wrongly. cos i know, none in my family was brought up to ask for things. you either earn it, or get it yourself. and 8 years old is not the time for fashion. its time for studies and fun.

anyways, theres another thing i heard from ibu which somehow touched my heart. last week, when ibu fetched you from your place, you actually did brought along the present i got you last year. you got it washed and requested for it to be placed in ibu’s car.

i know deep down inside, your not the asswipe you potrayed in front of the whole world. i know deep down inside, you are one very strong willed independent girl. its tough not being liked by many. but you somewhat deserved it due to your stubborn character. not to worry darling, one fine day, you might just be the person they seek help from when they are in need.

by then, you ought to be returning the love that was showered to you from ibu & ayah. be sure you fulfill those. happy 8th birthday my naughty little one.


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dress codes have always haunt me. i never liked places which requires dress code. but have to face the fact that if we dont stick to it, we’ll look like a dork magneting public eyes. shirts and pants are No No to me. I am more of the tucked out tee with bermudas and slippers kindda guy (only if i can wear like that in office). really cant be bothered with dressing up. as long as its clean and baggy, its cool with me. crumpled tees are also ok with me. as much as i hate to iron clothes, i dislike ironed clothes as well. only if i have to wear a shirt for some cock function, then i will consider ironing them.

there is a mall nearby my crib. and i dont understand my friends who need to dress up, have their hair gelled up, lots and lots of perfume….just to go to a neighbourhood mall. wat the heck…

another reason i believe is probably they have been down to family’s practice for those who are presentably dressed everywhere they go.. but to those dressing up just to impress… its just not being urself and not for being urself … it yucks.