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main tip from;

The best way to look great in the long-term when you’re overweight is to lose excess weight with the help of a proper diet and exercise program. Once you start dropping pounds, your clothes will fit better and your confidence will increase along with your motivation to try new fashions and styles

  1. No tight clothes
  2. No sloped shoulders
  3. No bold prints! (What?!!)
  4. Let that pants rest on the hips, NOT waist! Also avoid pleated pants.
  5. Empty that damn pocket.
  6. Wear V-neck tops.
  7. Stand up straight.

*do u really need explanations for the above?fatman

Avoiding these tips is just like covering the centre bald head with the side hairs.

fat chick on bike accident

Posted: September 1, 2006 in rants & ramblings
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freaky? yeah… i think so too. yuckily gross….