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Lor 8

Posted: February 13, 2009 in family
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im happy my brother got an apartment for himself. i believe he could never be happier. im proud of that little bastard to be exact. living in the ‘toilet’ room for many years, renting room from some friend must’ve been tiring. now you finally have a place to call home. at least you have a property now. its YOURS! i dont even have any to begin with … sigh.

do up your funky shit!

im truly happy for u. im happy. happier to see u happy.

my 30th birthday

Posted: January 19, 2009 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Wife
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i used to celebrate my birthday for 7 days during the birthday week. not a party kind of celebration, but spending the time with my family and friends. i used to and indeed, still think that birthdays are very very important in peoples lives.

on my 30th birthday week, i had to spend the early half in camp and in the jungle. on a positive note, even though not direct, i take things as happy as i can. for instance, i was supposed to be out of camp only on my birthday eve, but they allow us to outpro on a friday. which means, i have more days for my family and family. i’ll take that as a gift from the army. jajai met me at my place before booking in last saturday to atec debrief and outpro, he brought 2 tupperwares of rice and mutton dalcha with fried liver. his wife cooked it and wanted him to eat with me. i’ll take that as a gift from him and nadia. mom cooked ikan sebelah masak merah on sunday and called me over to eat. Since it’s one of my favourite meal, I’ll take that as a gift from mom.

anyways, i would like to thank these people, for wishing me a happy birthday.

first and foremost“, my wife. getting my father in law to go dinner at mad jacks on my birthday eve. She also set up a surprise dinner at yishun safra inviting my other brother, gilbert and his wife. It was overly a touching moment. (do check out the pics on facebook, if they’ve uploaded em) wife said we have to reach yishun by 8.30pm. immediately, i knew it’d be Eatzi Steakhouse. After sending the car to bak, wife drove me there. the place was pretty quiet. while waiting for food and wasting the battery on the camera, a birthday song was played. There, my brother, Gilbert and his wife Dya, strummed in with a cake and 3 big candles on top of it. i almost broke down. shy at the loud birthday song, and waves from the other tables, i smiled in disbelief.

mom called me and wished me over the phone. sad that she couldnt spend the time with me. she gave me a lengthy birthday wish which sweat my ears. she told me that cicit cried cos she didnt spend the time with me this time round…

later that night, i had a text message from another chinese brother, all the way from guangzhou, china. i replied “you have never failed to remember my birthday after these years”. and his touching reply was “you already call me brother, so this should be the way”. i melt again…

these people wished me thru sms and/or facebook.. thanks people, i really appreciate it. to name of those whom i can recall are bob, jajai, alfi, mimi, allie & rohai,shujun, jas, benny, aliff, ariff, ain and family, strat, ajid, vishnu, ros, ogy, wati, iza, baby, dimple, fariq, fida, fida sister, sayeeth,liang li, nani, haslina, abang az, lionel, gabe, joseph, ong, asrul, ijat, kevin, zaidi, ross, fauziah and family, asfa, heazry, wee kiat, seet yang, mashija, waichee, sharon, yan, ramlah, nurmiza, joshua, huzaini, si jie, lan, sunita and edwin.

thank you all

where’s my dad…. 😦

the first … the last?

Posted: October 8, 2005 in Uncategorized
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hello shit heads…..

this ought to be my virgin post and the reason for blogging is to fill up some unused times. like as of now, its like 2am in the morning and still waiting for that asshole Gilbert to return my call.

planning to go JB to pump some shits in my horse.

:: last minute JB ::

Posted: November 30, 1999 in rants & ramblings
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had a good start to the fasting month. utilized myself evenly today. noon, i fetched ibu. then when babs is still asleep, i went to accompany shahreen to northpoint to grab his mum’s figs. then later on, spend some short time with babs at causeway point. grab some food and back to our own place. babs got sick. she was sneezing badly when i dropped her off at her place.

after break fast, with my stomach bloated, i lie flat on my bed. still waiting for babs reply if she is ok to go prayers with me. but sad news…. babs flu got worse.

end up me and my brother (with wife) went into JB. we decided to go to the Jusco City where ayah and ibu says our adopted sister is working there. so Jusco City, here we come. We reached pretty late. …about 9.30pm. Thinking that it might close soon, no it didnt. in fact, by 11 , there are shops still open. Lia only knocking off work at 11. basket, she didnt call us back. or perhaps she lost our numbers.

so we head to pasar borong to grab our DVDs. And after a cuppa tea, we head back home… via 2nd link. get to clear some carbon off the pipe with some constant high speed. the drive was scary. but its ok. if we die, mom and dad wont have any children left. ok not funny.