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happily handicapped?

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Golf
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it started off at a 23. my aim to hit 20 by December seems a little ‘held’ back by unavoidable circumstances. and to start playing frequently on the blue tee, it makes things more difficult for me. but it seems that i managed to pull thru. being under uninvited pressure (playing with anonymous people) did its part to make things more difficult… but manageable. ok i dont wanna brag further.

My temporary handicap card when i just passed the test

last week, i collected my November handicap card. Now im a 22! Awesome. Though i think it could be better, i told myself to take small steps to this. Its not an easy thing to be achieved overnight. anyhows, looking forward to slash em lower!

nothing of pride, but im a happy handicapped man


Posted: October 25, 2010 in Golf
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i would love to have this

FJ singapore site is up and allowing you to customize your own golf shoes.

handicapped finally

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Golf
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the handicap needs some help of course...

ok this sounds insane, but after 3 years of waiting, i finally got my handicap test. been submitting scorecards with no maintenance.

i was recommended with handicap 23. so… yeah. finally. the target now should be scoring low to bring em down to 20.. i hope.

virgin under 100 at homeground

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Golf
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i took leave yesterday to indulge in a round of golf with my father in law and his brothers. wife is working.. so cant join us. it was worth taking the leave i should say. all i can foresee is the course being empty and we have a longer time to focus on the game, taking proper routine drills and stuff.

and so, at 6.30am we took off. taking only one car to accommodate the 4 of us with our golf bags. It is also to accommodate to an uncle who will never get his directions right driving in Malaysia. So the 4 of us clustered in the luxurious but not so spacious Mercedes C Class 180. (apart from the mercedes taxis, i’ve never sat in one before) And off we go.

the three brothers; omar, zainal & sidek saniff

We reached around 7.15am with the clubhouse cafe still not open. We had to go for breakfast outside the club. To coffeeshops which i never knew its existence.

Back in da club, we got ready for tee off. bla bla bla island green all get par bla bla par 5, me and bak missed birdie bla bla bla i made the shot of the day but missed birdie on 18th bla bla bla bla…. my chip in hit the flagstick and stayed outta the hole… bla bla bla bla…… you dont wanna hear about my game dont you?!

my weapons...clubs i mean..

i scored 47 front and 49 back. That makes a 96. The first ever time i played under 100 at Octville. “Yes ah!!” (ala Shahreen Ogre & Johnson Jesus) After so long playing at Octville (macam paham = as if) i finally break 100. It was a satisfying moment for me… only the little person in my head, Milky, understands this feeling. It definitely feels better than orgasm and football.

"KNNCCB... this water obstacle again" i told myself while bak went to pee

Wak treated lunch after the game. Was teased to finish the food cos i win the game for the day. 🙂

my golf club average distance

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Golf
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This is my range distance. I hope this remains till i’m 50.

60 degrees                         80m/88yds
54 degrees                         100m/109yds
P Wedge  49 deg               120m/131yds
9 iron                                  135m/147yds
8 iron                                  145m/158yds
7 iron                                  155m/169yds
6 iron                                  165m/180yds
5 iron                                  175m/191yds
4 iron                                  185m/202yds
Hybrid 21deg                   195m/213yds
3 wood 16deg                    225m/244yds
Driver 10.5deg                250m/273yds

pangchyet weekend

Posted: June 7, 2010 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Golf, Isk
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it has to be the busiest weekend of the year. im extremely tired.


came back home just to quickly get ready for maternal relatives futsal. deary booked the pitch from 7-11pm. that was crazy ass hours. fetched the boys and we could only reach there like 8.30pm. had a good run for about 2 games. before we got booted. funny to see my cousins, nephew & uncles playing footy. i feel that we actually can form a proper team. complete with pom pom girls and managers and water boys.

my relatives at tampines futsal pitch

11pm, i have to rush back home. now its paternal side’s turn. a bbq session. finally get to use the portable grill which i bought for last year’s christmas. just some chicken & hotdogs… with a wide variety of drinks. and the main objective, was the chit chat. its good to have aliff, azad & naim around. they are my only male cousins from my paternal side. wife was quite shagged so she rot on the couch till the food finally got ready. and oh… we did the bbq setup in our corridor… stairways to be exact…

aliff heating 'things' up

sis in law turned up later on to ‘fetch’ the boys. the bbq was good, the bonding was all we needed. by the time the boys left, its already 6.30am. and hello saturday!


grumbled to my wife for waking me up on a saturday morning. im still worn out. off to fetch indy, ryan, khaleel & alene by 11am. this time… we heading west! off to snow city we go! have to thank baby for her assistance. i still feel that snow city is a little overpriced. anyhows, it was great fun in the snow. ryan chickened out after the first slide. -5 degrees wasnt fun for him. but apparently, his 5 months old sister, alene, reacted differently. she was crying her lungs out before we went in. and she slept soundly when we were in snow. wth.. i wonder how layla would react if she’s in snow.

wife, indy, khaleel, alene & ian... @ snowcity

an hour into this, and we are out. this time, science centre! never been there in years. this time round, the wongs joined us. it became babies day out… much things to look at but so little time.

chicks checking out 'real' chicks

after science centre, the wongs planned for JB. and we agreed to it. it definitely was be good. both my brothers are with me. went to juara for some ox tail and juices. it was all good. by the time we went back, it was already 2am. To think that we still need to go JB again in the next 3 hours for golf is just a little too taxing. we still did anyways…


left home at 6.15 instead of 5.30am… breakkie, then tee off by 7.45am. i had fun. its only me and my wife in the flight. great times. front nine was shitty 58 and a better back at 47. i still think i could go better. 4 pars didnt really help much if u screw up other holes.

me and wife buggying around....

i thought we’d go back straight after golf… no… we still go to JB house to warm the car. by the time we came back to SG, its already 3..30pm. i fell asleep immediately. woke up for dinner at 9pm. and back to sleep by midnight. and im up by 7.15 this morning…
looking back the weekend i had, it was all tiring.. but worth the fun.

any given range/sun day

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Golf
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last sunday, when i was on the practice ground, a man approached me. not the friendliest kindda way i should say. his first question to me was “what handicap do you play?”. sensing the tense, i shrugged him off by letting him know the truth. yeah. i dont have a handicap. after 3 odd years playing… no handicap. not Zero… but no handicap.

surprisingly, he looked shocked. he then later tell me that my shots has a good carry and distance. i lacked consistency and i tend to have bad golfing habits. he then let me know that he’s a 12 handicap golfer and have spent almost 10 grand on lessons and equipments. though most of the topics he brought up i have to agree with, some are just too much for me.

he emphasize on getting an ‘angmoh’ instructor/coach/pro. he belittled the local coaches.

he was impressed with my distance but re-iterated that distance is not everything in golf. which i hate to agree… but yeah… he’s right. we chat for a good 20 mins before he left. and i continued with my practice. i hate golf being a mindful game. after that, i played like shit.

go with the tempo, bro

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Golf
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last weekend, since i was banned from going into JB, i go spend some ‘kwality’ time at the range while the wife attends her course.

i narrowed down all the possibilities of my errors and mistakes. i worked mainly on my swing mechanics. i realized that im not being myself. yeah it is good and all to admire and copy to your favourite tour pro, but i forget one basic rule. never two different person can have the same swing type. its not that i dont understand this term, i just dont put it to practice. whenever im behind the ball, i would imagine that im some kind of rickie or tiger.. ultimate crap. i wasnt who im supposed to be. myself!

slowly again, trying hard to work on tempo and rhythm. it works just fine. a hard whack with 10% accuracy is at a +- 5 meters to a smooth rhythmic swing. what have i been doing all these while? i thought that grip & rip policy works fine on me. i was wrong… all wrong.

all this boils down to the worst game i ever had, at the one of the most beautiful courses in tanjung puteri country club. i was on pressure, i lost focus and i shit myself in the game. i just forgot how to dance!

now crawling back on track, im ready all over again. working on my fundamentals all over again with a clearer mind.

no impatient person can be good at this game. be it if you play for 10 20 years…. u will still suck.

at 31, with this playing ability, i blame my folks for not making me play when i was 10. ok.. i’m kidding.

Last night, at the range, i work on my full swings. results have been positive and i believe i am back on track. with my goal of having a sports store in queensway changed to a coaching pro… even in my 40s or 50s.

a clean follow thru is a must!

refocused, bring me next wednesday quickly. i cant wait to be on the dancefloor again.

grip it & rip it, baby

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Golf
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go 'white'

The grip Im having now. The New Decade multicompound by Golf Pride is actually a golf grip which has Velvet Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate control and responsiveness.

I chose white. For it being my favourite color and it gives the irons some flashy look.

Brought it to ‘trials’ yesterday. It felt awesome. The double tape might just work for my size 25/26 hands.  Wished i had more time with it since it might just be the last practise session before i head down to the course come Saturday. Ah well, we’ll see… I’m absolutely loving this.

For more detailed specs & other ranges, go to

I had mine hooked up by Mr Liew. A nice chap doing freelance grippings & club fitting.

the day i broke 100

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Golf
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it was chinese new year…. it was not a happy day to golf… i was dreaded. thank god the flight was just me and my wife.

the one thing that kept me going was ,one, it being a new place and new experience for me, two, its just me and my wife and three…. ermmm… there’s no three.  and so, ponderosa, here we go!

yadaa yadaa yadaaa…. weather was awesome… yadaaa yadaaa yadaaa… no OB’s … front 9, i scored a 41. 41!!! how could i not get all hyped up….  but the next 9 was lame. i got tired… the wife starts calling me names during one of the tee offs…. and yadaaa yadaa yadaaaa…. i scored 54.

41 + 54 = 95! 95!!! hey!!!! it broke 100!!! trust me it was better than scoring chicks…. its better than …. nasi sambal goreng with bargedil…

come to think of it again, i could’ve even broke 90 if i were more focused. it was all good fun…

in the meantime... come see my rear!

for this achievement, i’d like to dedicate to my dead spider, incey… my left toe, abu…. my 49th white hair, wesley…. and last but not least…. my fan, nanu.

my X’mas wish list

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Wife
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dear god, i dont believe in santa. nor i believe in christmas and christmas trees. but i believe in X’mas presents!!!

please deliver them to woodlands st 83, thank u

anyhow, i would like to have these under my neighbour’s plant for me to collect come christmas morning.

firstly, i would like to have a new pair of glasses. not that my oakleys failed me, but i just wanna … ermmm… ok fine. probably u had gone thru recession as well. i’ll just ask for new lenses for my oakley frames. ok? thanks.

then i will need a fairway wood 3. i cant control well with FIL ex-wood 3. his current PRGR is yummy, but i would like to have one for my own. a cleveland launcher or taylor made burner would do fine. since tiger is cheating on his wife and might not return to golf, why not u steal his SUMO DYMO SQ for me? That would save you a couple of hundreds.

i would need about 10 new tees. T-shirts that is. I saved some of my designs which i wanted to have them printed on my work laptop D drive. you can get them printed and wrap em for me. come on.. it shouldnt cost more than 50 bucks shouldnt it? my t-shirts are 3 years old… not that im complaining. but i need a fresh collection for my wardrobe.

i also need a watch. something metallic and huge. my current fav watch is the Chronoforce. The one which has the screws missing. and it can drop anytime. this one is on a lower priority. cos i got other watches… my tommy hilfiger is fine, so is my michael korrs and guess. i just need to change their batteries.

an asics kayano, an adidas street footy shoes, a red jack purcell, and one of the GLOBE skateshoes would do justice for my leg. Oh yeah! my nike golf shoes has opened its mouth. i left it at the country club. (as instructed by my old man)

i would love to have that crumpler haversack too. 200 odd is a bit too steep for a married man to buy la god. so please… yeap. the one with the camera and laptop compartment. i cant remember its model. dont worry, u wont have a headache. they only come in 2 colors. black & brown.

last and not least, can i have a set of the Twilight books, namely New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn & Midnight Sun. My wife is so in love with that edward cullen and she’s into books. so if you were to give me these, i can give her as christmas presents. You will make 2 person happy. 🙂

was i asking too much?

Teeing my progress

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

I only can get better. That’s what I keep on my mind everytime when I’m at the range or when I had just complete my 18. Started off with 130s, now I’m seeing progress at under 110s. I am happy at the rate I’m going.

I beat my mentor thrice as of now. I’m hoping for more to come. I know I can I know I will.

wedge patch

Posted: April 2, 2009 in Golf

basket… told my father i wanna get a new wedge. guess what… he got himself a new one. and handed me his Cleveland Mens CG12 54 degree wedge. Aaarrrghhh! i was aiming at the mizuno wedges sia… but still, his CG12 is good enuff for me. His Titleist Mens Vokey 200 Series Oil Can Wedges is looking all good

missed paula again…

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Golf
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i missed this year HSBC LPGA again. arrrrrrghhh… there goes Pinky Paula.

wedgey pedgey

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Golf

im need to recondition my grips. my driver and putter grips are crap. my iron grips are also getting uncomfortable. last week there’s some mega sale going on at harbourfront. wife got herself a rossa putter. damn. i’ve been eyeing that one for a while. darn. bingits! nvm. wait till i have money to spend, i’ll get myself some good stuff.

i’ve been in need of a new set of wedges. at the range, ive been playing with bak’s cleveland. awesome shit i tell ya. the feel… orgasmic.

been checkin out at tgw and here’s something that interest me. i think it looked way too cool for a wedge. here, check it out.

my latest swing mode

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Golf

my latest swing view. 7 iron going 150m.

thanks to wife for taking this vid.

working but inconsistent.

my singaporean proudies

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Golf

look at the picture again. yes! thats what i want in life. a tour pro winning a major event. a nata pundey… winning a major event.

i was watching golf channel on friday night (there’s johnny walker’s australian open)… then wife said… “Look! There’s Mardan Mamat!”. He was executing a pitching shot just behind a pine tree. My heart goes pounding… i wanna be like him. i wanna be better than him. yes, its just a dream. at least, i have a dream. and im working towards it.

my valentine’s day affair

Posted: February 16, 2009 in family, Golf, Wife
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i had a good valentines day. i gave wife a sidney poitier autobiography and 3 valentines day card. (2 to be exact, cos 1 was stolen… hehe..) not forgetting the fluffy heart stick. i got my fair share as well. i got gifts which is affiliated to my likings. i got the golf punk mag, the mickey football paperweight, 2 pairs of trunky, a twist bar, and brushy brushy. of course, the creative customized V day card. on the valentines day eve, we exchanged out gifts. FIL just had to spoil her gift plans for me when we got back from our practise. ramaging the table, he asked wats all those she’s packing and she had to admit, it was gifts for me. mine was planned… the main gift was hidden under the pillow. i just gave her the heart furball and a tiny card. even though that, she wasnt disappointed. we got up to our room and there, she found her surprise. the joy and happiness in her expression tells it all. i’ll save the details how the gift was discovered k…

the actual day, im actually having an affair. its with one of the sport i love, golf. i had a round of 18 with FIL. after 9 whole months of not playing, it feels soooooooooooo good to be back. after a few struggles, i managed to gain back my composure. after golf, it was another affair with cars. FIL did some modification to make the car ever smoother and lighter. we got home tired. damn tired. slept and only to wake up at 8pm. geez.. what a waste of time. now, its the dinner. brought wife to jack’s. two words… totally dissappointed. i dont wanna bitch about this right now, cos it will only spoil my blogging mood.

come sunday, me and wife had a kissy outing. la vivo, to the m’square garden. spend a lot on food and other junkies. i have to stop spending for now….

overall, i had a good valentines. yumms.

the flight

Posted: February 4, 2009 in Golf

i was practicing my interlock gripping. labu disturb me again. wtf….

anyways.. interlock gripping is very new to me. for the past years, i’ve been using the overgraph handling.

noted that my distance suffered from the change. but im willing to put more practice to adapt to the interlock gripping. my swing seemed smoother. the ball’s gone straight but a little tough on controlling the distance with pitching shots. im determined to train more…. i hope i have the support bak gave me and put to good use.

chori chori

Posted: May 31, 2007 in Entertain Me, rants & ramblings
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im just done with the washing of towels. folding the clothes. throwing the rubbish. packing the golf clubs. clearing some things here & there. tired… hungry. lazy.
tv’s showing james bond movie. lamos infinitus. there are always hot women in bond movies. and talking about beautiful women, i caught the earlier part of the Miss Universe on TV. i waited for Miss Singapore to appear … and true enuff , its really a disappointment. i’ll tap more on the asian winners for this year’s Miss Universe in my next blog. The other Asians have done good …
anyways, the cat kept running around the living room. i think she’s ****.
the last time i remembered doing chores at home was during hari raya. that also i escaped most sessions. now i know the nags moms universally do are for meanings. they dont nag for nothing. i remembered mom nagging at me to get pants instead of jeans. its the weight of the jeans after washing she cant cope.
wife’s in the room sleeping. she’s still sick. and its already 3am. no one shouldnt be …
back to chores, i’ll leave the sorting of the clothes pile to wife. adios. waiting excitingly for my first golf session on field. Wooo Hoooo! but im sleepy….

men nite out

Posted: January 11, 2007 in family, Golf
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bak, uncle nang, wak and myself went for golf range. tips by tips by tips. i played from 8.30 all the way till 10. the were some blood from my thumb. but its alrite. i really wanna be good with this game. i cant believe that i sucked at it. but i know that i can only get better from more training.

when we were ending, uncle nang asked me where my clubs were. i didnt own any by the way. then he asked me when is my birthday. I ‘terbeliak’ at him and say its NEXT week! I even got more ‘terbeliak’ when he say he will try to gimme his old club set. my jaw dropped. bak asked why i didnt bring the nike clubs. i go “errrr… ermmmm… errrr…..”

we then go to JK (labelled by the late hamblauz inc) for supper. 17 bucks worth of rojak keling, 30 satays and mee goreng. all shared by us. burrrrrrrrppppp.

it was a good men night out after all….

hole in one

Posted: September 1, 2006 in Golf
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While waiting for wifey to finish shopping for bra, I couldnt do anything much but to play my Golf Game on my PDA. And for the first time since been playing it for about a month, i got my first “HOLE IN ONE”. Woo Hoo…

I wanted to yell but im surrounded by bras and panties. What will they think of me … they’d prolly think …errrmm… nvm.

I had to interfere with babs shopping to tell her the achievement.