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happily handicapped?

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Golf
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it started off at a 23. my aim to hit 20 by December seems a little ‘held’ back by unavoidable circumstances. and to start playing frequently on the blue tee, it makes things more difficult for me. but it seems that i managed to pull thru. being under uninvited pressure (playing with anonymous people) did its part to make things more difficult… but manageable. ok i dont wanna brag further.

My temporary handicap card when i just passed the test

last week, i collected my November handicap card. Now im a 22! Awesome. Though i think it could be better, i told myself to take small steps to this. Its not an easy thing to be achieved overnight. anyhows, looking forward to slash em lower!

nothing of pride, but im a happy handicapped man

handicapped finally

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Golf
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the handicap needs some help of course...

ok this sounds insane, but after 3 years of waiting, i finally got my handicap test. been submitting scorecards with no maintenance.

i was recommended with handicap 23. so… yeah. finally. the target now should be scoring low to bring em down to 20.. i hope.