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in pursuit of happyness

Posted: January 19, 2009 in movies
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on my birthday night, i was watching pursuit of happiness. yeah that awesome will smith movie.

him selling density bone scanner out of some shit franchise deal, demand not good due to its only quality is to provide a more dense quality than of X rays. his wife left him. he’s heavily in debt. he has his son with him. they became more and more homeless. he joined the Dean Reynolds as an unpaid intern with the catch of only one of the many who enrolled in the intern program gets the job. Chris (will Smith) succeed in getting the job. THAAAAAAANNNGGGGGGGGG! The DVD hangs… FUCK! SHIT! PISS! I’m at the peak of the movie! WHY!!!!!!!!

i’m actually hooked watching his perseverence and hardwork. not many have that capibility of survival. and his wife, loose it up on him. probably no wives would hang on. this is the extreme of going thru a rough patch. his son was in much maturity and willing to go anywhere his dad goes. they slept in toilets, subways and a daily basis sort of bunk. it’s sad.

i read up and learnt that after he got the job, he starts his own brokerage firm and became rich.

perseverence baby… pure perseverence…

will smith deserves the Oscar he won for his role as Chris Gardner. Not forgetting his real son (Jaden) in this movie shows he’s got the will smith in him.

after watching this movie, if any human is not being appreciative to their own circumstances should go hang himself dry in the corner.

happy vesak day!!!

Posted: May 30, 2007 in special occassion
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to all buddhist and those celebrating vesak day no matter how you celebrate.. have a smashing Vesak day!

*yerp, i wish it was on a friday too….

the new year this time was fantastic. I had my wife by my side… Though we didnt really do the countdown, it was found unnecessary. Didnt really know what was inside her but it does for me. I mean the unecessary part. Cant be bothered much with the countdown… really. It just need me to be with my special ONE, not necessarily be the special TIME, but the moment was a classical embrace.

we told wished ourselves a happy new year. and YES, we are getting married this year. It was all in all a good feeling. nothing can ever beat the feeling of spending the time with your special one. Even though the eve of new year was to be shared with hari raya haji, it was somehow a nice setup. To spend the time with families in the day, and to leech each other by night. How awesome. Not to mention, the special treats…. *ahem*

It was so well done that i dont really care about my sleeping posture but one thing for sure, im sleeping, a smiling man. Cut the resolution crap cos this time, its gonna get physically real.

the new year day itself, we had a wedding @ OCC to attend. yerp, i like the way the indians do it. very cool…. the dancing in with the bride and groom part of course ….. not the dance by some cheapskate performing mamas.

:: f e e l i n b l e s s e d ::

Posted: August 29, 2006 in Isk, Wife
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im so blessed being loved by someone i love. yesterday itself, she again proved me that im well taken care of. was made to drink the cough syrup after she heard me coughing over the phone. even though i have to drag myself to the kitchen, i know the she wants the best for me. i’ve got no other words to describe for my true & sincere feelings for her. now, im yearning for her.

i am so sleepy, hungry, thirsty and horny now… tops of it all, im feelin blessed. amen ….

the weekend is cummin

Posted: August 25, 2006 in rants & ramblings
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its friday! always looking forward to weekends. got the extra time to spend with my beautiful wife. i can foresee our fun outings … but honestly, it doesnt take the weekend to have a good day with her. everyday IS a good day with her. (provided her cus cus wind is not within the atmosphere. hehe ..) its a FRIDAY !!! Woo Hoo!