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selamat hari raya

Posted: September 10, 2010 in special occassion

Selamat Hari Raya to all

today, muslims all over the world celebrates hari raya. for those who accidentally stumbled upon this page, i wish you a merry raya.

for my fans (as if) who have been reading my blog thru these years, i’d like to apologize for any grammatical errors, any incidents or mentions which might have offended you in any ways.

rah yer 09

Posted: September 22, 2009 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Wife
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the eve was nuts. i have no idea why i agreed to go geylang serai. jio’ed bert & dya along… this is a virgin attempt and like bungee jumping, i would never ever wanna get involved with geylang serai on hari raya’s eve ever again.. ever!

bert got to drive my car after. a good build up to his pre car loan. heh…

we only reached home like 4.30am. and thats not it. the prep wasnt sempurna of yet. so had to put the kueh’s in the bottle. by the time it was done and me to take a short nap, it was already 5.45am. urrrghhh! and mr wong who’s supposed to follow me didnt reply my text nor answer my call! ok, i had to leave him.

toss & turn, its already 6.15am. time to go for prayers. ayah called. he asked where i would be doing my prayers. he then said he wanna come along. adik drove ibu’s and we meet at masjid kubur. we were late. lucky for me and adik, we got a tiny space just beside the wudhu’s area. yep, we got wet a little.

BMW = bak, me , wife

BMW = bak, me , wife

after the prayers, we go kubur visiting.  atok’s, sister in law’s dad, mak, nenek grave were visited. by the time we are done, it was almost noon. i got home, controlling my sleep. bert reached at the same time, but he had to wait a while for me to clear my bowels. super cannot take it. handed him the keys, and off he go visiting. my folks were already waiting for us, but we were late.

before we leave home, salam’ed my FIL. the emotions begin… no… the emotions began the night before. when i go takbir with dad. the usual visits from late grandpops never failed.

the traffic lights

the traffic lights

back to my folk’s place, after the salam menyalam, we took a family pic. then went back home to fetch bak and start jalan raya. aunty yati’s place, followed by nanan’s. then off to jurong. 9pm and ive not met my grandma. 140 to clementi only to be greeted by unknown faces and nek long. while spending the first 10 mins with nenek, got a call about atuk’s critical condition. so we had to rush off to TTSH with the zam zam. it was already midnight when we learnt that atuk was managed to revive and put under high dependency unit.

back to jurong house then off home. tired…..

so it was a salam raya and leave kindda thing this year. haiz.

I want to raya this year

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
kooo toooo pek

kooo toooo pek

It feels good after all. If all goes smooth, Im gonna break the duck. Insya Allah.

I can’t recall to when was the last time I’ve achieved this. This calls for a celebration! But looking at my folks (in law included), they are so humble with the celebration. It’s like a normal any other day. (Im speaking about the excitement here…)

I don’t know about the rest but I do feel the kind of excitement when the ‘course’ wasn’t completed. It was a norm for me. I even did the ‘first & last day’ of fasting and want to celebrate hari raya like others. It was a shame. Not doing the deeds yet reaping the rewards. It was a cheat. Remembering the days of going to drive thrus, multistorey carparks, void decks of quiet places, just to have my stomach filled. Not forgetting the influnce from peers… It was embarassing. But hey, everyone wants to celebrate raya too don’t they/we?

Moving into the lailatulqadar period, Im hoping and praying for miracles. I do wish to bump into one, just like those stories told.

Anyways, I finally am wearing red this year. Funny how I was never looking forward to this. Ya know something? I’ve never bothered. Really! With my family’s practise of recycling previous years outfit, and my no mood to celebrate raya, and the waste of money for buying something I already have, I’ve never had much baju kurong. Mostly used for Friday prayers and religious class, I don’t see a need of having many. But now that Im married, I’ve been having new baju for every year. Im not saying it’s not a good thing but, I just have to go with some flow. Now, I think I have like about 5 or 6 pairs of baju kurung, most quantity ever had in my life.

Nearing raya, there’s always challenges. I don’t wanna get there now.

In the meantime, let’s just celebrate raya as how it should be celebrated. Im not guilty of commenting myself “tak puasa tapi nak raya”. This has always been a hindrance for me when raya’s near.

Looking forward to listen to the takbir…. Till then…