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pangchyet weekend

Posted: June 7, 2010 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Golf, Isk
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it has to be the busiest weekend of the year. im extremely tired.


came back home just to quickly get ready for maternal relatives futsal. deary booked the pitch from 7-11pm. that was crazy ass hours. fetched the boys and we could only reach there like 8.30pm. had a good run for about 2 games. before we got booted. funny to see my cousins, nephew & uncles playing footy. i feel that we actually can form a proper team. complete with pom pom girls and managers and water boys.

my relatives at tampines futsal pitch

11pm, i have to rush back home. now its paternal side’s turn. a bbq session. finally get to use the portable grill which i bought for last year’s christmas. just some chicken & hotdogs… with a wide variety of drinks. and the main objective, was the chit chat. its good to have aliff, azad & naim around. they are my only male cousins from my paternal side. wife was quite shagged so she rot on the couch till the food finally got ready. and oh… we did the bbq setup in our corridor… stairways to be exact…

aliff heating 'things' up

sis in law turned up later on to ‘fetch’ the boys. the bbq was good, the bonding was all we needed. by the time the boys left, its already 6.30am. and hello saturday!


grumbled to my wife for waking me up on a saturday morning. im still worn out. off to fetch indy, ryan, khaleel & alene by 11am. this time… we heading west! off to snow city we go! have to thank baby for her assistance. i still feel that snow city is a little overpriced. anyhows, it was great fun in the snow. ryan chickened out after the first slide. -5 degrees wasnt fun for him. but apparently, his 5 months old sister, alene, reacted differently. she was crying her lungs out before we went in. and she slept soundly when we were in snow. wth.. i wonder how layla would react if she’s in snow.

wife, indy, khaleel, alene & ian... @ snowcity

an hour into this, and we are out. this time, science centre! never been there in years. this time round, the wongs joined us. it became babies day out… much things to look at but so little time.

chicks checking out 'real' chicks

after science centre, the wongs planned for JB. and we agreed to it. it definitely was be good. both my brothers are with me. went to juara for some ox tail and juices. it was all good. by the time we went back, it was already 2am. To think that we still need to go JB again in the next 3 hours for golf is just a little too taxing. we still did anyways…


left home at 6.15 instead of 5.30am… breakkie, then tee off by 7.45am. i had fun. its only me and my wife in the flight. great times. front nine was shitty 58 and a better back at 47. i still think i could go better. 4 pars didnt really help much if u screw up other holes.

me and wife buggying around....

i thought we’d go back straight after golf… no… we still go to JB house to warm the car. by the time we came back to SG, its already 3..30pm. i fell asleep immediately. woke up for dinner at 9pm. and back to sleep by midnight. and im up by 7.15 this morning…
looking back the weekend i had, it was all tiring.. but worth the fun.

go with the tempo, bro

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Golf
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last weekend, since i was banned from going into JB, i go spend some ‘kwality’ time at the range while the wife attends her course.

i narrowed down all the possibilities of my errors and mistakes. i worked mainly on my swing mechanics. i realized that im not being myself. yeah it is good and all to admire and copy to your favourite tour pro, but i forget one basic rule. never two different person can have the same swing type. its not that i dont understand this term, i just dont put it to practice. whenever im behind the ball, i would imagine that im some kind of rickie or tiger.. ultimate crap. i wasnt who im supposed to be. myself!

slowly again, trying hard to work on tempo and rhythm. it works just fine. a hard whack with 10% accuracy is at a +- 5 meters to a smooth rhythmic swing. what have i been doing all these while? i thought that grip & rip policy works fine on me. i was wrong… all wrong.

all this boils down to the worst game i ever had, at the one of the most beautiful courses in tanjung puteri country club. i was on pressure, i lost focus and i shit myself in the game. i just forgot how to dance!

now crawling back on track, im ready all over again. working on my fundamentals all over again with a clearer mind.

no impatient person can be good at this game. be it if you play for 10 20 years…. u will still suck.

at 31, with this playing ability, i blame my folks for not making me play when i was 10. ok.. i’m kidding.

Last night, at the range, i work on my full swings. results have been positive and i believe i am back on track. with my goal of having a sports store in queensway changed to a coaching pro… even in my 40s or 50s.

a clean follow thru is a must!

refocused, bring me next wednesday quickly. i cant wait to be on the dancefloor again.

the day i broke 100

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Golf
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it was chinese new year…. it was not a happy day to golf… i was dreaded. thank god the flight was just me and my wife.

the one thing that kept me going was ,one, it being a new place and new experience for me, two, its just me and my wife and three…. ermmm… there’s no three.  and so, ponderosa, here we go!

yadaa yadaa yadaaa…. weather was awesome… yadaaa yadaaa yadaaa… no OB’s … front 9, i scored a 41. 41!!! how could i not get all hyped up….  but the next 9 was lame. i got tired… the wife starts calling me names during one of the tee offs…. and yadaaa yadaa yadaaaa…. i scored 54.

41 + 54 = 95! 95!!! hey!!!! it broke 100!!! trust me it was better than scoring chicks…. its better than …. nasi sambal goreng with bargedil…

come to think of it again, i could’ve even broke 90 if i were more focused. it was all good fun…

in the meantime... come see my rear!

for this achievement, i’d like to dedicate to my dead spider, incey… my left toe, abu…. my 49th white hair, wesley…. and last but not least…. my fan, nanu.

the first … the last?

Posted: October 8, 2005 in Uncategorized
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hello shit heads…..

this ought to be my virgin post and the reason for blogging is to fill up some unused times. like as of now, its like 2am in the morning and still waiting for that asshole Gilbert to return my call.

planning to go JB to pump some shits in my horse.

:: last minute JB ::

Posted: November 30, 1999 in rants & ramblings
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had a good start to the fasting month. utilized myself evenly today. noon, i fetched ibu. then when babs is still asleep, i went to accompany shahreen to northpoint to grab his mum’s figs. then later on, spend some short time with babs at causeway point. grab some food and back to our own place. babs got sick. she was sneezing badly when i dropped her off at her place.

after break fast, with my stomach bloated, i lie flat on my bed. still waiting for babs reply if she is ok to go prayers with me. but sad news…. babs flu got worse.

end up me and my brother (with wife) went into JB. we decided to go to the Jusco City where ayah and ibu says our adopted sister is working there. so Jusco City, here we come. We reached pretty late. …about 9.30pm. Thinking that it might close soon, no it didnt. in fact, by 11 , there are shops still open. Lia only knocking off work at 11. basket, she didnt call us back. or perhaps she lost our numbers.

so we head to pasar borong to grab our DVDs. And after a cuppa tea, we head back home… via 2nd link. get to clear some carbon off the pipe with some constant high speed. the drive was scary. but its ok. if we die, mom and dad wont have any children left. ok not funny.