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gerrard vs torres

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Liverpool
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so… who’s cuter?

joe + roy = JOY

some people say, good things are up north. (ok, i made that up) … well, joe cole has signed a 4 years contract with Liverpool FC. Moving up north to merseyside from the distinct london is definitely by choice. Born and raised there, less likely anyone would want to settle for a new environment, unless he wants a change… for the better of course.

Joe younger years @ West Ham

He left champions Chelsea, CL football and his hometown to play for us…FOR FREE! This is one big sacrifice.

When they announced last night, i was about to leave home for JB. It definitely set my mood. Though i have no one around me, who understands what this meant, i’m just thankful to have Rohai to exchange text with. He couldnt drive properly after i confirmed the breaking news. I myself couldnt sleep any better!

Personally, i am a fan of Joe. Since his West Ham days. When i was at my footballing peak, he already had football prodigy status. He was also labeled the Englishman with Brazilian skills. When he signed for Chelsea, i was a little sour. All i can think of is the big money Chelsea had offered. Nonetheless, I’ve always had him in my Football Manager games or the Master League in my Winning Eleven games.

They can play catch @ Melwood all they want now

To have signed him, it meant the world to me. And blessed with the coveted no.7 jersey donned by legends like king kenny, keegan and beardsley, i’m just lost for words. Ok lads, i gotta go and have him transferred to Liverpool on my PES10 PS3.

Now agger need not stop cole (my 2 favourites)


Interesting blend of yellow against the base black. i kindda like it.

according to mail online, this is our 3rd Kit

of center backs

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Liverpool, Soccer
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courtesy of

i was a footballer… fair enough to know a thing or two playing competitive games for the schools and national under 16 team in 1995. (note the past tense)

as a center back, i do have my admiration towards the world’s great to influence my game. maldini, baresi, aldair, moore, backenbauer …

in this modern world of football, the one favourite center back has to come from my beloved liverpool, daniel agger.

the world may be looking upon stevie and nando as iconic figure at LFC right now… but when i first saw agger… i fell in love almost immediately. coolest dude ever…

how can i not fall in love with the new kit, you tell me….

season 10/11 home kit

season 10/11 away kit


Posted: May 31, 2010 in just for laughs, Liverpool
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honestly… wtf? a malay banner in the liverpool forum?

for u non malay speaking beruks, it reads; “you are a lucky visitor. CLICK HERE to win an iPad.”

this is definitely a fail blog item…

it hurts parting/paying

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Liverpool

(ala church style)

dear god (robbie),

i have a confession to make. i’ve subscribed to e-season pass with the hope of watching a lot of the pre-season friendlies, repeats of the legends, and of course, the Champions League about 6 months ago.

Now, i have cancelled my account. I was not blessed with a good pre-seasons friendlies, pathetic display in the barclays premier league, and kicked out of the champions league. The streaming of the videos are also sucky at times. Sorry for putting too high expectations but i have better avenues to put my 12 dollars to every month.

You’ll Never Walk Alone….

i wish i didnt have to cancel. but my practical being... urrghh

This is so wrong

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Uncategorized


Liverpool goes Indian??!!!

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Liverpool


Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, is the founder and chairman

of GMR group, a leading infrastructure developer in India. He was ranked 198th in the world’s richest list by Forbes, and his wealth was valued at $6.2 billion. He is 14th on the India Rich List.

Rao was born in Rajam, Srikakulam district in Andhra pradesh.

—-sources, WIKI.

There is a potential of a 500mil takeover of Liverpool Football Club. Are we serious??!! Dey mamak! Im proud to be one of you la dey! But our darling mamak friend has some hugging with Arabs to do… especially Naffer Al Kharafi. Whom is also in talks with the Mighty Reds.

wat now rafalution

Posted: January 31, 2009 in Liverpool

the legends have start slamming Rafa
the fans are becoming unhappy at losing points
we are desperate at winning trophies
what are you gonna do mr rafa.. what?

fantastic opportunity? u think so? im in heavy doubts..

stay in hospital.. we’re gonna be good. i swear.

a sumptous saturday

Posted: August 27, 2006 in Liverpool, Wife
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for all the happenings these past few days … it all had been neutralized by this stupendous saturday.

good news, its pay day. felt good after giving my car a good clean up. parked at the loading/unloading area and rushed back home to get ready for wifey. after the shower, rushed to wifey’s crib and helped her a little with the carpets. babs was extra ‘manja’ today. i am melting like an ice cube placed on a frying pan. had a salty lunch at KFC by 4. yeah i know its late, and babs complainin about being hungry again … eeeeee… so cute!!

we then proceed to queensway shopping centre. there i got myself a pair of osiris mid cut sneakers, a top and 2 berms. thats not really the best part of the shopping. the best was actually when we both got ourselves the new Liverpool top. Woooo Hooooo… never in my life had expected me and my other half wearing the coveted liverpool jersey. i am really flying to the moon. yeah it might have cost a little… but who cares!! we intended to print “hubby” and “wifey” on the back. i had never felt any happier at queensway shopping centre. the feeling is better than buying a pair of new boots.

picked mum up from henderson, and had a good dinner with dad. just the 4 of us. its good talking to dad again. he told wifey he was a Red fan since young. heh! guess what!? we watched Liverpool vs West Hamburger on telly. Best part is we won! Kuyt was impressive. So was my wifey. How can i forget the FA cup final between the same two teams which i watch with babs. She was so against liverpool then. we later send both of them to some wedding in jurong.

then we go spend our quality time together. just the two of us. telling how much we love each other so much. how quick we want to settle down. how beautiful our live could be when we start a family. all the sweet words and some bouncing good time… sigh.. why can she just stay over at my place.

now im going to sleep. getting ready for tomorrow… no.. not the soccer that excites me. its the time im gonna spend with wifey that treasures my life most. good night babs. i love u with all my heart.