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Am one, soon no more

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
what now?

what now?

Had a devastated week with m1. I’ve been faithful with m1 for almost 10 years. And for the first time last night, I’m totally switched off by them. Their system and their customer services to be exact.

First of all, I had two coorporate accounts under them. Was told by the authorized dealer that my conteacted numbers had expired last month. So I pursued with the iPhone for Bak, under Singtel. Wanting to retain the number, we asked if it was possible. Singtel needs a few working days to get it sorted with m1. sounds cool to me. After the switch was done, Bak finally get to enjoy the iPhone.

A week later while I was clearing my bills, I had a shock. I had a penalty of 150 bucks from m1. Reason; for transferring their “golden number” to singtel. I freaked out. What golden number!? I don’t remember signing any golden number. When I told Bak about this, he jumped as well.

Last night, we called m1. Apart from their impolite customer service, we got another shock at our end. They will impose another fine of 300 bucks for not completing their contract. I’m totally gutted.

setahap vs am one

Posted: September 8, 2006 in Isk, rants & ramblings
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setahap had just cut off my internet and the cable service. why? outstanding of $23.30. thats really a lot. i mean … wat the heck. its 23 bucks man. ok, its still my mistake. i shouldve payed up in full. After calling their Service Centre at 1.23am in the morning, they told me to clear the leftover amount in 3 days. but they will still charge me 10.50 for reconnection fee. Honestly, what the fuck for !!??

i am so thankful that my cell service provider is not SETAHAP. wifey had got hers cut off a few times just because the outstanding is not cleared. my AM ONE wont terminate the service straight away. Even with an outstanding amount of 400 bucks, they still allow me to continue using. Their gentle reminder is really a gentle one. And now thats what i call GOOD SERVICE. Anyways, im still blessed that i didnt have my phoney services with setahap.

AM ONE rawks and SETAHAP still BLOWS!!