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Posted: October 10, 2006 in family, Wife
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its been more than 2 weeks since mak’s departure. family’s still mourning for her death. its been difficult for bak and wifey to move on.
as for myself as an outsider, i guess ive done my part and will continue doing so to see that all’s going well. had a good lengthy conversation with bak last night after the tarawikh prayers. we talked so much topic in one night. i felt good after talking to him and really hoped he felt good talking to me too. we usually didnt talk that much and i guess yesterday was a good time for us to know each other better. and we did.
as for wifey’s job, i hope there are good companies out there whom are gonna employ her. they dont know the talent in her. u see.. the problem is that sometimes she is just a bit lazy. but i guess after our marriage, this will go away. she will learn the importance of all these responsibilities. she is facing with it now that mak is gone. she have to take more responsibilities. again… i can only help to a certain extend… but she have to pull herself together and do all the things that she might not have been doing.
im getting sleepy… ok lah. bye.

::missing u mak …. ::

Posted: September 29, 2006 in family
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“i luv both of you very much no words can express”
“please take care, we are worried 4 u”
“is what happen at LTA u ar suppose to let me know”
“we love both of u so much we wil pray 4 yr gd health pls take care”
“i did not go i felt better why ar u at polyclinic u ar now well”
“so sorry i am in the office any way thank u so much 4 yr concern luv”
“is u seem u ar not yrself i keep asking nanu what is wrong with u it seems u are not well i dont hv to know maybe i am not part of the family”

above are the few sms she sent me before she left all of us. im missing the long conversations with her over the phone, im missing the times we had when i picked her up from office after my school, i missed the times we go shopping together… i missed her sooooo much.

mak, u know we all love you very much right? i know u came last night but we all couldnt see you. i felt your presence mak. please be with us, wherever we are mak. you know we wont leave you behind. you are the life of our family mak. please mak, take care of urself up there. im sure u are placed with good people. you are one mother no one can ever have. no one….

your daughter is not convinced that u knew she loves u. please tell her that u knew mak… please.

and please also do keep a lookout for bak. he misses u … he loves u very much. and we all know u love him too.

please accept our prayers… cos thats the only thing we can do. we know we dont need to tell GOD that u are a good woman. he creates u … and of cos he knows his own fantastic creation.

mak, we all miss you.

:: mak ::

Posted: September 27, 2006 in family
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mdm nargis binte abdul hussein

god loved u more than any of us. god had reserved a special place for you, called .. heaven. thats where you will be and there’s where u deserved to be.

mak, you have always put others infront of yourself. you always think for other people’s difficulty first rather than yours. you would complete the most difficult task without a single sigh. you always want the best for others. you are always there for others. you would swallow the bitter from others and let them have the sweetness. there is no superlative to describe you better. nobody is perfect, but you were close.

anyone, could look up to you with all their burdens. and you would pile them up to whatever you have just to see the satisfaction in others. your goal is achieved when others got theirs, with your help. there is no one in this world, i believe, would go the extra mile like you do.

the answer to problems has always been you. you have touched many lives. you have never bear any grudges with anyone. you wouldnt care what people talk about you. you wouldnt care how people treat you or even took advantage of you. as long as you achieve to make them see happiness, you will be happy.

what i am feeling right now is hard to put into words. the moments i had with you was not enough. in fact, it will never be. u had left bak, nanu, me, your two darling cats, families, relatives & friends. we all will keep you in our prayers.

from a distance, i know that you are going to witness your only precious daughter get married to me. you have always put life in our relationship. i vow to tell my children about you…. and i am very sure they will miss you even though they didnt get to see u personally. they are going to miss a grandma who would get anything in this world for them. anything.

mak, i hope you would forgive me if i have wronged you. i knew you love me and i love you very much too.

may god put you among the good people up there. and i hope we will meet again. god bless.

may her soul rest in peace

nargis binte abdul hussein

20th Oct 1954 to 25th Sep 2006

:: veranda ::

Posted: September 24, 2006 in family, Wife
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lunchie! was woken up by babs.had only 3 hrs of sleep. oh yeah she did wake me up. quickly got ready and off to the spider mobile. called mak while starting the engine. she reminds me to get wifey to heat up the food she cooked in microwave. i was so impressed by mak’s ability of not getting more rest despite the long friday she had. and could still cook. i told wifey a couple of weeks back that i longed for mak’s steak. and here today, she cooked the steak. im deeply touched.

but the limelight was somehow stolen by wifey’s hot tea. it was something that has some strange feelings. its not that ive never drink tea before. wifey’s made coffee for me before. but i dont know how come that the tea she made today was extra special. and furthermore, she said, thats her first ever time making tea for a man. should i be honoured? of cos i do! of cos i do!

the veranda, or i shall say the space on wifey’s corridor is somehow a special space. its a place where me and wifey sat before my in laws comes back. its a place where we have lunch or dinner. its a place where wifey, mak and i joke and had lengthy conversations.

the veranda exist and will be there to stay since our engagement. i believe its there to serve a good purpose. to create space in the kitchen… and also to let us have family bonding outside the house. what am i talking about.

ok nuff said. babs done with her studies and im on the phone with her now. bye!

nanan sick…

Posted: September 23, 2006 in family
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nanan was sick. yeah, after her day operation on the eye, she kept on vomitting and feeling sick. so she was brought to hospital again by mak and aunty goree.

me and wifey only came to the hospital by 10pm. and we stayed till about 3am.observation by observation, we didnt realise that it was already 3. me and wifey still could find time to pull off my grey hair… hehe
pity the jepun ketot that she had to undergo all these. she was with my sweatshirt and yeah… she looked like some hip hop granny. hehe… still as cute as ever. the cutest senior citizen ive seen in a while.

here wishing u a speedy recovery nanan… and i hope the fear she is having will go off quickly.