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virgin under 100 at homeground

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Golf
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i took leave yesterday to indulge in a round of golf with my father in law and his brothers. wife is working.. so cant join us. it was worth taking the leave i should say. all i can foresee is the course being empty and we have a longer time to focus on the game, taking proper routine drills and stuff.

and so, at 6.30am we took off. taking only one car to accommodate the 4 of us with our golf bags. It is also to accommodate to an uncle who will never get his directions right driving in Malaysia. So the 4 of us clustered in the luxurious but not so spacious Mercedes C Class 180. (apart from the mercedes taxis, i’ve never sat in one before) And off we go.

the three brothers; omar, zainal & sidek saniff

We reached around 7.15am with the clubhouse cafe still not open. We had to go for breakfast outside the club. To coffeeshops which i never knew its existence.

Back in da club, we got ready for tee off. bla bla bla island green all get par bla bla par 5, me and bak missed birdie bla bla bla i made the shot of the day but missed birdie on 18th bla bla bla bla…. my chip in hit the flagstick and stayed outta the hole… bla bla bla bla…… you dont wanna hear about my game dont you?!

my weapons...clubs i mean..

i scored 47 front and 49 back. That makes a 96. The first ever time i played under 100 at Octville. “Yes ah!!” (ala Shahreen Ogre & Johnson Jesus) After so long playing at Octville (macam paham = as if) i finally break 100. It was a satisfying moment for me… only the little person in my head, Milky, understands this feeling. It definitely feels better than orgasm and football.

"KNNCCB... this water obstacle again" i told myself while bak went to pee

Wak treated lunch after the game. Was teased to finish the food cos i win the game for the day. 🙂

pangchyet weekend

Posted: June 7, 2010 in f.r.i.e.n.d.s, family, Golf, Isk
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it has to be the busiest weekend of the year. im extremely tired.


came back home just to quickly get ready for maternal relatives futsal. deary booked the pitch from 7-11pm. that was crazy ass hours. fetched the boys and we could only reach there like 8.30pm. had a good run for about 2 games. before we got booted. funny to see my cousins, nephew & uncles playing footy. i feel that we actually can form a proper team. complete with pom pom girls and managers and water boys.

my relatives at tampines futsal pitch

11pm, i have to rush back home. now its paternal side’s turn. a bbq session. finally get to use the portable grill which i bought for last year’s christmas. just some chicken & hotdogs… with a wide variety of drinks. and the main objective, was the chit chat. its good to have aliff, azad & naim around. they are my only male cousins from my paternal side. wife was quite shagged so she rot on the couch till the food finally got ready. and oh… we did the bbq setup in our corridor… stairways to be exact…

aliff heating 'things' up

sis in law turned up later on to ‘fetch’ the boys. the bbq was good, the bonding was all we needed. by the time the boys left, its already 6.30am. and hello saturday!


grumbled to my wife for waking me up on a saturday morning. im still worn out. off to fetch indy, ryan, khaleel & alene by 11am. this time… we heading west! off to snow city we go! have to thank baby for her assistance. i still feel that snow city is a little overpriced. anyhows, it was great fun in the snow. ryan chickened out after the first slide. -5 degrees wasnt fun for him. but apparently, his 5 months old sister, alene, reacted differently. she was crying her lungs out before we went in. and she slept soundly when we were in snow. wth.. i wonder how layla would react if she’s in snow.

wife, indy, khaleel, alene & ian... @ snowcity

an hour into this, and we are out. this time, science centre! never been there in years. this time round, the wongs joined us. it became babies day out… much things to look at but so little time.

chicks checking out 'real' chicks

after science centre, the wongs planned for JB. and we agreed to it. it definitely was be good. both my brothers are with me. went to juara for some ox tail and juices. it was all good. by the time we went back, it was already 2am. To think that we still need to go JB again in the next 3 hours for golf is just a little too taxing. we still did anyways…


left home at 6.15 instead of 5.30am… breakkie, then tee off by 7.45am. i had fun. its only me and my wife in the flight. great times. front nine was shitty 58 and a better back at 47. i still think i could go better. 4 pars didnt really help much if u screw up other holes.

me and wife buggying around....

i thought we’d go back straight after golf… no… we still go to JB house to warm the car. by the time we came back to SG, its already 3..30pm. i fell asleep immediately. woke up for dinner at 9pm. and back to sleep by midnight. and im up by 7.15 this morning…
looking back the weekend i had, it was all tiring.. but worth the fun.

Harold & Kumar + wives Adventure in KL

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
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4:30am was really not a time to wake up. I decided not to sleep. I’m going KL! Difficult to wake wife up. Meeting Wongs at checkpoint by 6:45am. We’re 5 mins late, which Bert made complains. Heh! We then head off to Larkin.

and we're leaving.. on a jet bus...

and we're leaving.. on a jet bus...

There, it seems like they are in their usual touting tournament. After securing a RM31.20 per pax deal for their “super” VIP coach, we had some breakfast. We also caught 6 Dunkin Doughnuts to go. Just in case the roti boyan and kueh kera (according to radya’s knowledge of that kueh. It’s supposed to be ‘keria’) is insufficient. I’m so looking forward to sleeping in the bus, I’ve not slept, mind you.

The bus took off only at 9:50am. I guess the 4 of us didn’t take long to go meet our friends from the other world in LaLa land. I set my iPod to the soothing voice of dato Siti Nurhaliza, and before I knew it, I “died”.

After the halfway stop, on the road, something happened. The bus timing belt snapped. Its meant to be a new bus for crying out loud. Resulting us having to hitch a ride from other oncoming buses to KL. Thank god we got a decent one. That puffy seated bus brought us straight to pudu interchange.

this happened to us... its not a joke!

this happened to us... its not a joke!

Upon arrival, we walked to Chinatown, or better known as Petaling street. We spent like half an hour searching for the hotel. Only later we learnt that it’s situated right in the middle of Petaling street. How awesome. Lucky Bert had booked the hotel online. After freshenin up, we head to our first destination, the century square. There, we had the halal subway to go. The real deal came from the Mary Brown chicken. We also grabbed krispy kreme doughnuts. Roamed the mall, crossed over to Sungei Wang. Then we saw Gilberts purpose of going KL. The delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice. We had half the chick, and gobbled down the rice. It makes me feel that beef n mutton is running out of stock. Can’t deny it was yummers though. When we’re done, we head back to petaling st. The ‘mall’ was waiting for us to shop. I can only remember I got myself the passport holder and 3 cheap boxers. Wife’s eyes roved like she wants to bring everything back.

showing off with pariah tiff & co stuffs...

showing off with pariah tiff & co stuffs...

Our itchy backside brought us to KTV by midnight. We ‘screamed’ till like 4am. Radya insulted the 3 of us by sleeping. LOL!

Back to the hotel, we didn’t sleep immediately. Remember the take away subway sandwich? Yeah, we sank our teeth in them before feeling it’s really time to sleep.

Breakfast timeeeee! Honestly, what can u expect when u settle for a budget hotel’s breakfast. But it turned out super! I ate till I feel it won’t be necessary to have the rest of the meals for the day. It was a bliss.  After which, we had our bags packed and ready to go….

one last shot before we leave the budget hotel

one last shot before we leave the budget hotel

Last minute petaling shopping before we checked out. Hello KLCC Suria… Was it another way around? A&w time!  Radya went berzerk when she didnt get to go up the towers … again. Rot ourselves at CB.. coffee bean… (what were u thinking?)… before its really time to go home… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

a husbands's love; they camped at the lobby so they wont miss out the next morning

a husbands's love; they camped at the lobby so they wont miss out the next morning

It was all well tiring.. but worth all the sweat. a good weekend getaway.


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1st Day

Ibu knocked on ‘my room’ door. Asking for the praying mat. Timecheck, it’s 5.45am. We have to rush cos our bus from Larkin will depart for Mersing by 8.30am. As much as we rushed, we still leave home at 7. Ayah, as usual, was already ahead of everyone. The whole body ache experience poofs by the overwhelming excitement of going Tioman for a holiday. Backtrack a little, I enjoyed every seconds spent in my old room. The feeling of sitting at the window never changed a bit.

Ariff & my Wife posing at the Paya Jetty, Tioman

Ariff & my Wife posing at the Paya Jetty, Tioman

Ok so here comes 950 to bring us to the checkpoint, then to Larkin. Khuluq and myself have some tummy ache to deal with. The moment we reached Larkin, the toilet became our first holiday destination. Fwaaaahhh! Damn shiok man… The berak experience. Had a quick breakfast before all 13 and a half of us board the semi-kucing kurap bus to Mersing. The usual suspect, the daytona driver, got us to mersing within 2 hours odd. The bumpy ride was some virgin experience to some. When we reached Mersing, we have like to walk another 500 meters to the Jetty. Along the way, Adik got his watch fixed, Ryan got his buoy and sand tools/toys. 12 noon and still not lunched, so we just have to rely on the Ramly burger. 2 hours later, we’re in Tioman!

The Chalet that we stayed in... Paya Beach Resort. Not bad eh

The Chalet that we stayed in... Paya Beach Resort. Not bad eh

Since today’s the first day, we refuse to waste time and wanna take full advantage of it. One thing, i’m still hungry. So after checking into the chalet, i went to go look for FOOD! Out of the few restaurants along the coast, only one was open. The manjan seafood. I asked if their food were halal. Since they said yes, we proceed. Ariff, Nadya, my wife and I ate their fried rice. Not to bad… or perhaps we were just hungry.

ibu & i with the kahuna behind us

ibu & i with the kahuna behind us

After lunch, we joined the rest of the family… who apparently couldnt wait any longer to get into the clear sea. My gosh i tell you, im totally overjoyed. The clarity of the water is so unlike our ‘cleanest’ beach in Singapore.

Wife joined later. We all never had enough of swimming, we then turned to the swimming pool. Adik, Khuluq and Ariff re-joined snorkelling to the rocks. Where they get to see the beautiful corals and colorful fishes.

To me, its an eye opener. 3 days in Tioman, not a minute of work was in my mind. I feel pure.

We then had the buffet dinner. It wasnt all impressive but hell yeah, i finished every single thing i had on the plate. Hungry from the snorkelling/swimming activities perhaps. The chicky coated with lime was the most awesome dish served. Yummers!

The room occupant has to get some minor change. Since Nadia is pretty ‘mis-aligned’, she was sent packing to sleep with my folks in exchange for Ariff.

my last catch of the night

my last catch of the night

At night, we have quite a few activities. After dinner, we head to the local karaoke ‘room’. It was embedded in a restaurant. Without aircon and poor sound quality, not to mention pathetic choices of songs to sing, it didnt take long before we changed activity. We went fishing! The elderly went back to sleep while my room and adik’s room occupant stayed out the night fishing at the jetty. It was fun.

About 3am, we went back to the room and start fighting with the Zzz monsters… tomorrow will be snorkelling day.

Day 2

my family getting ready for the snorkel trip

my family getting ready for the snorkel trip

Morning was insane. We have to rush for the breakfast at 7.30am. Our boat will be bringing us out by 9am. After breakfast, with our gears ready (macam paham), we head for the Jetty. There was an hour of delay due to bad weather. The wind was sooooo strong that it actually could turn Ryan into superman. We had milo sedap gila babi at one of their restaurant, and before we knew it, its time to go!

The boat we took only had about 20 passengers. All crazy for the snorkelling activity. We reached destination 1, a protected snorkelling area where corals and fishes are huge and within reach. We head to the beach side, and intended to swim to the platform. Regrets…. shit happened. My Tiff & Co wedding band slipped outta my finger and dropped to the bed of the sea. Just because i took the pack of bread from my wife, and try to keep the bread afloat for the fishes. It slipped… i am devastated. While the rest enjoyed snorkelling with the humongous fishes around them, me and wife snorkelled to look for the ring. Darn….

ayah, khuluq, adik, wife and i @ destination 2 snorkelling area

ayah, khuluq, adik, wife and i @ destination 2 snorkelling area

I totally lost my mood after that incident.  After an hour at destination 1, we proceed to destination 2, a tiny island out of nowhere. The water was damn cold, dark blue sea water, colorful corals in the deep and funny looking fishes swimming around us. This time, we have to jump off the boat. Not all of us plunged in. Indy starts vomitting, so does Athirah and Ariff. We left the spot early to get back to the chalet. For food’s sake, we did reached first. And was served the most undelicious lunch. The drumstick was nice though.

After lunch and wash up, me and wife went for mini shopping, before we go for a proper lunch, ‘outside’. This time, damn sedap. Double whammy burger, with milo peng sedap gila babi and fries! Even saw ayah and ibu eating Kway Teow later… Sneaky.

We decided to go for the SPA. An hour massage was the best body treatment me and wife ever had. I fell asleep the moment the messeus is done with my feet. I was complained later for snoring. *pffft*

the dinner makes my wife excited ... NOT!

the dinner makes my wife excited ... NOT!

At night, we had Grilled dinner. This time round, the food was alright. Im still expecting a sweet & sour fish. I can just wish… After dinner, we had some quality time chatting. It was a good feel chatting up with my brother at night, by the beach side restaurant (so called) with projected tele of the FA cup final.

Later on, wife wanted to fish. The fishing experience didnt last long and i dont wish to tell you why. *chuckles*

We went back to the room and concked out.

Day 3 (Last day)

Booooorrrrrrinnnnnnnnggggggg! Its time to go back… i wish it was extended. I havent got enough of the island…..

my pretty wife with my beautiful family

my pretty wife with my beautiful family

The 2 hours boat ride and 3 hours bus ride brought us home.

We were all drained from the travelling time… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

the above mentioned title means Independence! Independence! Independence!

of cos i dont give a hoot about it.

but hey.. thanks for the cheap cigarettes, half priced petrol and great groceries shopping yeah! Us neighbours do definitely owe u some….

Cheers! And… Merdeka!!

the first … the last?

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hello shit heads…..

this ought to be my virgin post and the reason for blogging is to fill up some unused times. like as of now, its like 2am in the morning and still waiting for that asshole Gilbert to return my call.

planning to go JB to pump some shits in my horse.