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:: 818 un-pro’ed ::

Posted: September 19, 2006 in Toys & Gadgets
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i dont usually like to bitch about my gadget but this time i just had to. my 818 is giving me a little bit of a problem. these are the problems i faced so far:

– sudden sound distortion
– auto shut down for god know what reason
– hangs
– failure to receive file from O2 xda.
– scratches
– multiple sending of text message
– lagged on the internet

apart from all this.. all is cool. should i look at other PDA phones.. we’ll yet to find out

hole in one

Posted: September 1, 2006 in Golf
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While waiting for wifey to finish shopping for bra, I couldnt do anything much but to play my Golf Game on my PDA. And for the first time since been playing it for about a month, i got my first “HOLE IN ONE”. Woo Hoo…

I wanted to yell but im surrounded by bras and panties. What will they think of me … they’d prolly think …errrmm… nvm.

I had to interfere with babs shopping to tell her the achievement.