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:: 818 un-pro’ed ::

Posted: September 19, 2006 in Toys & Gadgets
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i dont usually like to bitch about my gadget but this time i just had to. my 818 is giving me a little bit of a problem. these are the problems i faced so far:

– sudden sound distortion
– auto shut down for god know what reason
– hangs
– failure to receive file from O2 xda.
– scratches
– multiple sending of text message
– lagged on the internet

apart from all this.. all is cool. should i look at other PDA phones.. we’ll yet to find out

:: freaking friday ::

Posted: September 16, 2006 in Isk, rants & ramblings, Wife
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oh here comes friday….
me and wife has always look forward to fridays. apart it from being a weekend, we know we need to have each other within sight longer than usual. sometimes back, our friday nights have all been a long night out either picnic’ing under the moonlight by the beach or bunkin into ‘cinemas’. heh..
so after the bowling madness with the dept staffs, i tot it might be a good time to catch up with some rest before fetching wife from her night class. something bad happened.. well not THAT bad actually… i left both my dopod and v3 phone at the bowling alley. and we had already drove off from the ever-beauty OCC (orchid country club). Side track a little, that is the place where i confronted my in laws that i want to have their daughter as my wife… and i confessed my sincere love to them.. there… at OCC. yeah. Ok, back to the tragedy, i quickly asked the pilot, jacq, to do a quick u turn back to the alley. she is such a scare and we got all our guts up our throat when she did her u turn. i rushed back to the same location where we bowled.. and there… my dopod and v3 are still lying on the seat. untouched. how releived i am. before that, babs had called me and told me that she’d already reached school.
near reaching my place, i got a call from an unfamiliar number. i rarely take calls which are not in my contacts. and to my surprise, it was babs. and to surprise me even further, she told me she had lodged a report to the police because her phone was stolen. uh huh, the dopod which was about 2 months old was stolen. OUCH!!! i just had a close shave of losing both my phone and now she had lost hers. Arrrrrrgghhh… how could this be!! Its too coincedental! i know we always had our coincedental of wearing the same color but NOT LOSING A PHONE!! gosh. its bad.
rushed to her school, and there she was with constable ah chai and sargeant ching chong. with mr ahmad the security man of course. they are awaiting for the last class to hit their break time and going to do a spot check on the students. meanwhile, my tummy is upsetting me. big time. it hurts so bad that the next fart i let go, will definitely stain my briefs. while the search was on, i get to do my business at their quiet toilet. spooky enuff.
after they had gone thru the class of over a hundred manjans was unsuccessful, we rushed to the shop we got the phone to get the IMEI number. we suspected the bugger might have sold the phone to the 2nd hand handphone shops and there might be a chance to nab the sunni. we did even randomly asked around the toa payoh neighbourhood if there were any black dopod 818 pro sold to them. well, it all wasnt fruitful. we did put in effort to look for the phone. but what my belief was, if its not meant to be, its not meant to be. hopefully, its true enuff and the robber might got struck by lightning that night.
i did my part in consoling babs but she was too in despair of the missing dopod. we end the night with dinner at my place then off back home.
its too hurting to think about… lets not talk about the missing dopod anymore and may we all move on …. temporarily, babs will be using my v3 and i am more than blessed that i didnt lose my phones at the bowling alley.
“babs, its something that we can purchase again and despite its meaningful significance of the phone, lets just hope that this happened for a good reason. i still love you and we move on from the missing phone tragedy on this freaking friday.. ok love?”

setahap vs am one

Posted: September 8, 2006 in Isk, rants & ramblings
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setahap had just cut off my internet and the cable service. why? outstanding of $23.30. thats really a lot. i mean … wat the heck. its 23 bucks man. ok, its still my mistake. i shouldve payed up in full. After calling their Service Centre at 1.23am in the morning, they told me to clear the leftover amount in 3 days. but they will still charge me 10.50 for reconnection fee. Honestly, what the fuck for !!??

i am so thankful that my cell service provider is not SETAHAP. wifey had got hers cut off a few times just because the outstanding is not cleared. my AM ONE wont terminate the service straight away. Even with an outstanding amount of 400 bucks, they still allow me to continue using. Their gentle reminder is really a gentle one. And now thats what i call GOOD SERVICE. Anyways, im still blessed that i didnt have my phoney services with setahap.

AM ONE rawks and SETAHAP still BLOWS!!

hole in one

Posted: September 1, 2006 in Golf
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While waiting for wifey to finish shopping for bra, I couldnt do anything much but to play my Golf Game on my PDA. And for the first time since been playing it for about a month, i got my first “HOLE IN ONE”. Woo Hoo…

I wanted to yell but im surrounded by bras and panties. What will they think of me … they’d prolly think …errrmm… nvm.

I had to interfere with babs shopping to tell her the achievement.