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my first ulat...

happy 3rd birthday ryan zabar adam. i love you. i hope you like the real madrid jersey with that scum, Ronaldo’s name on the rear. though i dont like him much, he’s one of the best in the world… and so are you.

my X’mas wish list

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Wife
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dear god, i dont believe in santa. nor i believe in christmas and christmas trees. but i believe in X’mas presents!!!

please deliver them to woodlands st 83, thank u

anyhow, i would like to have these under my neighbour’s plant for me to collect come christmas morning.

firstly, i would like to have a new pair of glasses. not that my oakleys failed me, but i just wanna … ermmm… ok fine. probably u had gone thru recession as well. i’ll just ask for new lenses for my oakley frames. ok? thanks.

then i will need a fairway wood 3. i cant control well with FIL ex-wood 3. his current PRGR is yummy, but i would like to have one for my own. a cleveland launcher or taylor made burner would do fine. since tiger is cheating on his wife and might not return to golf, why not u steal his SUMO DYMO SQ for me? That would save you a couple of hundreds.

i would need about 10 new tees. T-shirts that is. I saved some of my designs which i wanted to have them printed on my work laptop D drive. you can get them printed and wrap em for me. come on.. it shouldnt cost more than 50 bucks shouldnt it? my t-shirts are 3 years old… not that im complaining. but i need a fresh collection for my wardrobe.

i also need a watch. something metallic and huge. my current fav watch is the Chronoforce. The one which has the screws missing. and it can drop anytime. this one is on a lower priority. cos i got other watches… my tommy hilfiger is fine, so is my michael korrs and guess. i just need to change their batteries.

an asics kayano, an adidas street footy shoes, a red jack purcell, and one of the GLOBE skateshoes would do justice for my leg. Oh yeah! my nike golf shoes has opened its mouth. i left it at the country club. (as instructed by my old man)

i would love to have that crumpler haversack too. 200 odd is a bit too steep for a married man to buy la god. so please… yeap. the one with the camera and laptop compartment. i cant remember its model. dont worry, u wont have a headache. they only come in 2 colors. black & brown.

last and not least, can i have a set of the Twilight books, namely New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn & Midnight Sun. My wife is so in love with that edward cullen and she’s into books. so if you were to give me these, i can give her as christmas presents. You will make 2 person happy. 🙂

was i asking too much?