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my golf club average distance

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Golf
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This is my range distance. I hope this remains till i’m 50.

60 degrees                         80m/88yds
54 degrees                         100m/109yds
P Wedge  49 deg               120m/131yds
9 iron                                  135m/147yds
8 iron                                  145m/158yds
7 iron                                  155m/169yds
6 iron                                  165m/180yds
5 iron                                  175m/191yds
4 iron                                  185m/202yds
Hybrid 21deg                   195m/213yds
3 wood 16deg                    225m/244yds
Driver 10.5deg                250m/273yds

men nite out

Posted: January 11, 2007 in family, Golf
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bak, uncle nang, wak and myself went for golf range. tips by tips by tips. i played from 8.30 all the way till 10. the were some blood from my thumb. but its alrite. i really wanna be good with this game. i cant believe that i sucked at it. but i know that i can only get better from more training.

when we were ending, uncle nang asked me where my clubs were. i didnt own any by the way. then he asked me when is my birthday. I ‘terbeliak’ at him and say its NEXT week! I even got more ‘terbeliak’ when he say he will try to gimme his old club set. my jaw dropped. bak asked why i didnt bring the nike clubs. i go “errrr… ermmmm… errrr…..”

we then go to JK (labelled by the late hamblauz inc) for supper. 17 bucks worth of rojak keling, 30 satays and mee goreng. all shared by us. burrrrrrrrppppp.

it was a good men night out after all….