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How to set up RSS feed

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ok ok… i know… i’ve not been up to date with IT stuffs. been wanting to know what this RSS feed is all about since it existed but never got the chance willpower to do so.


So recently, well actually, yesterday, i go try figure em out. and hey, its actually simple and i find it extremely helpful in many ways.

ok lemme see if i can explain the RSS feed to yall a little better.


things you need to know about the RSS feed

  • RSS is a stream of updated information. It comes from a website (you typically can see the logo in this blog post on some websites) or some other content application which will allow the RSS Reader (which i will explain to you later) to know of an update.
  • When the RSS reader acknowledged an update from the website that you subscribe to, it grabs the headlines and content to display them to you.
  • This makes it easy for you to anticipate, personal and relevant communications to (or with) whatever content sources–like companies, blogs,  calendars or databases which has the RSS feed capabilities.

For me, i’m using Google’s Reader. Being an android user, it is just a breeze to have everything ‘googlified‘.

So how do you subscribe a feed?

First of all, get yourself register to a reader. There’s many RSS feed reader out there. Here’s to a few.

Now, lets just go to a website which has the RSS feed. Just go to .

From that website, you can find the RSS feed icon on the top right. just beside the facebook and twitter icon.

do a right click on the icon, copy the link address. go to your reader and i’m sure you will find a subscribe to this link textbox or something. get it synchronised, and you are done. all feeds from tiger woods website will be pushed to your reader. continue doing this on your other favourite sites which support RSS feeds. You probably wont need to go to their website anymore as all the contents will be consolidated and feed in your reader.

happy trying.