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the sleeping beauty

Posted: November 20, 2010 in rants & ramblings
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they said, a woman’s beauty lies when she’s asleep. whoever they are… i do believe in that bit.


my sleeping beauty

so back at home… showered and getting all ready to fight with the Zzz monster.. there’s no sound from babs. she will usually have called and asked my whereabouts if im a lil too late to tell her that im home safely. maybe she’s still at the tv..

anyways, upon reaching home, mum stepped into my room to give me some lecture. warning me that fasting month is around the corner and she hopes that i respect the month of ramadhan. im just too sleepy to even look at her… after the silence, she left. dragging my heavy and fat body to showers, i start to think about the fasting month. perhaps this would be a good oportunity to eliminate the ciggie fest… and of course the bulging tummy.
in the loo, my poo poo is like having so much fun plunging in bowl. gosh… those must be the super chicky soup and mini drumlets & wings from mak’s cooking. that have been by far, the most chicky minis’ ive eaten in my life. mak’s cooking has been awesome. never failed to impress me whenever she cooks. missing her steaks actually… hrmmmmm

there is still no calls from babs. should i call her? what if she’s asleep? naaah… lets just wait a little longer. and there’s multiply lots to be replied. but my eyes are going heavy… the lids are closing up… oh blimey. it is time to sleep after all. night babs… i love u. the dinner, chat with bak, and the drama on tv together had been fun. it should be more fun if i were not falling asleep.. sigh.