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my phone was confiscated by the damn customs. yeah.. the cisco’s to be exact. just after the gantry check, where your car “supposedly” gets inspected, i drove as slow as below 5km/h to the exit of the checkpoint. with the thoughts of wanting to update my whereabouts to my wife, i was flagged to the side.

this cisco mat came and said, “sorry abang, u know what mistake you did right? please step out of the car”. i thought it was the safety belt issue. then he handed me a piece of paper with the article “on phone while driving”. JUST WHAT THE FUCK!!!???

i was escorted a good 200 meters to the detention area and there, i had my phone confiscated. looking at 5 dumb toads handling this case, i can’t just believe my brains. well i wasnt that cooperative. when they asked for my car plate number, i just told them 4393. well they asked for the numbers rite? they took a good half an hour just to write a 1 page report.

when done, the escorted me back to the car and hand me the confiscate receipt. i was supposed to wait for the letter of summon from LTA or TP. i crushed the paper and tossed it in my car, in front of the mat cisco. then drove off. and yeah, he said thank you before i left. i just said fuck then leave.

today, i learnt from my colleague whom husband’s a ICA officer that only cisco personel will do that. cos they will earn 25 bucks upon each case closed. can you just imagine that?

times must be hard for these cisco shits.

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:: fucker ::

Posted: September 8, 2006 in family, rants & ramblings
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dad.. i really fucking hate you. i mean it. HATE.. I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!!!!


Posted: August 19, 2006 in Isk, rants & ramblings
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going private? heh… wat the heck. i dont think anyone knows this exists… good? bad? since 2004 … haha… ok. gotta remove past craps. new stuffs comin in…

why do people blog? when they have a network of people who knew the existence of their blog, it seems like its the best way to get attention from other people. cant deny that i tried blogging at a few sites. friendster’s and multiply’s blog is like making your freedom of speech heard. same goes for the MSN space. ive seen blogs that tell the whole life of theirs.. be it nice or sad, its all being blogged. some tell pathetic stories of theirs and with the hope that some friends or even strangers would “console” them online.. giving best wishes and genuine advise and all… oh well. not like as if its not happenin to me. it does. when the least i expect people to say something, they just popped up from god knows where to comment. anyways, let we all just say whatever we want .. and yet not get into trouble. like the idiot who post about religious stuffs and get others offended. heh… wat an ass.

me? its all been good. ok u may fuck off now

oh well watever… nevermind (kurt)