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in pursuit of happyness

Posted: January 19, 2009 in movies
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on my birthday night, i was watching pursuit of happiness. yeah that awesome will smith movie.

him selling density bone scanner out of some shit franchise deal, demand not good due to its only quality is to provide a more dense quality than of X rays. his wife left him. he’s heavily in debt. he has his son with him. they became more and more homeless. he joined the Dean Reynolds as an unpaid intern with the catch of only one of the many who enrolled in the intern program gets the job. Chris (will Smith) succeed in getting the job. THAAAAAAANNNGGGGGGGGG! The DVD hangs… FUCK! SHIT! PISS! I’m at the peak of the movie! WHY!!!!!!!!

i’m actually hooked watching his perseverence and hardwork. not many have that capibility of survival. and his wife, loose it up on him. probably no wives would hang on. this is the extreme of going thru a rough patch. his son was in much maturity and willing to go anywhere his dad goes. they slept in toilets, subways and a daily basis sort of bunk. it’s sad.

i read up and learnt that after he got the job, he starts his own brokerage firm and became rich.

perseverence baby… pure perseverence…

will smith deserves the Oscar he won for his role as Chris Gardner. Not forgetting his real son (Jaden) in this movie shows he’s got the will smith in him.

after watching this movie, if any human is not being appreciative to their own circumstances should go hang himself dry in the corner.

19th January is 28

Posted: January 4, 2007 in Isk, special occassion
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my birthday is coming… but i am not excited. with babs being all stressed up with things, i am in no mood to do a celebration. the best present would be spending a good time with babs. nothing shall beat that.

i know that nothing much could be done. im so freaking old to celebrate a birthday.

maybe its the curse of my previous birthdays. it has been not nothing to be proud of till i find its not necessary to celebrate. but the ironic, i get excited easily on other’s birthdays. and that celebration shall depends on what i feel like splurging. hehehe *rub hands*

am i?

Posted: September 25, 2006 in Isk, lessons in life, rants & ramblings
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am i too full of myself?
why do i get into unecessary trouble?
havent i been using my brains well enuff?
where has my common sense go?
am i the role model for the lousiest person on planet earth?
do i really sucked?
do i think that what i always do is correct?
am i full of myself?

am i full of myself?
do i even think before i say anything?
do i see the circumstances before acting?
am i thinking like an adult?
am i being childish?
am i being too selfish?
do i ever put in other’s feelings before mine like how i was told to?
am i being complacent in life?
am i too full of myself?

am i too full of myself?
do i really care?
do i really share?
do i really worth living or better off a living dead?
do i say the darnest things?
am i full of crap?
am i being able to lead?
do i still have my senses in me?
do i?
am i?

Looking at the mirror
staring at myself
am i thinking about u or
was it all for myself?

i’ve never agreed upon the idea of those NSmen whom were above 30 to serve the nation via reservist call ups. i dislike the army the moment i completed my 1st year service in the GDS unit. apart from the morning wake ups, the horrible food (i know compared to our grandfather generations, we are much of the lucky bastards), the physical exercises, the area cleaning, the bunk inspections and all those craps are way beyond my discipline. despite the disciplinary facts, i somehow dislike the way the army works. i thank god that im not a regular or some ranked buggers in the military. for their life will have lots of memories during their active but the aftermath is more or less tragical for they have nothing to fall back on.
im flying to aussie early november this year. again queensland… again wallaby/orion exercise. i am going with a very heavy heart. i am seriously not looking forward into this trip. not the thoughts of walking with additional 30kg on my back for 10-20 km, not the bashing of thick jungles, not the thoughts of getting dirty and tired. i just cant bear to leave my wifey behind. the thoughts of not having 3 weekends with her weakened my joints… not having her beside me makes me as good as a living dead …. this feeling i think i need not worry cos its a good sign. and i hope and pray that it didnt die. how do i live comfortably when i dont have her by my side. sigh.. this sucks.

let me just carry on with my sighing … u all can go and bonk urselves. bye.