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the invitation cards are ready. ready to be unleashed. in 6 weeks time, i’m going to be a husband to a wonderful woman.

the self designed card was intended to be simple, slick, yet not sore to the eye. main objective is not to be a typical malay wedding invitation card… so there u have.. the iceywiceys inc designed card. the 7×2 stripes on the left was meant to be the trademark we have for our love mobile. the color white and pink are designated being white my favourite color and pink my wifey’s numero uno.

for those who have not passed me your address… please do so immediately.


Posted: January 8, 2007 in Isk, rants & ramblings, special occassion
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so whats happening. i had a terrble morning at footy. feeling all useless doesnt help me boost my morale. then came to bab’s to pass her the puffs (inhalers.. what were u thinking?)

i am so desperate to spend QT with babs. but at the same time, not neglecting my understanding towards her responsibilities at home. so i have to be fair. when babs brought up about going JB, i was excited… for a while. I forgot that I have to send grandpa home tonight. sigh. busu asked if i could send him earlier. how i wish i could. but there are rules. stupid rules being set up by cik eddie, and endorsed by the rest of the ikan tongkols. but i wanna spend time with babs. i wanna be with her. hugging. caressing her hair. rubbing nose. peckings on the cheeks. i just wanna do it good to her. she has not been at the right state of mind. but i want to be there for her to re-stake the claim. she deserved to be heard. for all that ability to hit back when being provoked, she was weakened. losing out to a reason …. respect of elders.

my aunties did get puzzled with the fact that my wedding theme will be white & pink. yes. as much as they thought that it was sissy of me to have pink in my wedding theme, they will end up putting up praises for me. BUT… only after my explaination of why babs was unable to have her taste in our own wedding. with love, i insisted to have white & pink as my wedding theme. with love, i wouldnt want to know or care what others have in their thoughts. i only want it to come from one source. and that is OURS. Babs and myself. Period.

:: to wed in dec? ::

Posted: August 30, 2006 in Isk, Wife
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morning … i know this might sound a little HOT. but mum told me this morning to get married by Dec. Yes. December this year!!

And I am going bonkers to have kept thinkin about it throughout my journey to work. And I said OK. It made me speechless. It was actually brought up by daddy last night. He said that the both of us have been ‘leeching’ a lil bit too much and he wants us to get settled by this year end.

along came mommy. telling me that i will definitely have to stay with wifeys parents till i get a house. and of course, we both wanna get a house to our own. My dad has layed down his mindset. He finally wouldnt mind doing a small wedding. As long as I quickly get married. heh!

are we ready yet?