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made in china

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Work
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alarm went off at 6:45am! i need to be at the airport at 7:30am! OMFG! im late!! wife cried, i left, FIL sent me to the airport, met HY for breakkie, met my cousin at the airport gate while he was on duty… and *poof* im outta Singapore.

Have to admit that im not a fan of the window seat. Beside me, there’s this angmoh lady. She’s quite petite but im sure she has to get off her seat if i were to go to the loo. What im trying to say is that its a freaking crampy seat. my knees were less than an inch to the back of the front seat. so much hype for an A380. But nonetheless, it was a smooth 5 hours flight. Or probably because i need not get outta my seat at all.

goodbye singapore, hello china!

And i just have to rub in that the SIA stewardess are not those whom you’d be proud with walking in town. *honest*. the dudes are way better looking.

That 5 hours flight, i occupy myself with HIMYM (2 episodes) and 2 and a half men. Laughing my ass off with Charlie Sheen’s antics, not caring the lady giving me the cock stares every 10 minutes. (how inconsiderate… of me)

HY is probably enjoying his isle seat having flows of wines and beers. I assume..

5 hours later, we are in HK international airport. First thing to do, is to get on their free WIFI (which sucks) to ‘whatsapp’ people back in SG on my safe landing. Slacked for an hour at Gloria’s Cafe while waiting for our ferry to Macau. We skipped the direct ferry to Zhuhai to save that miserable 1 hour of journey time.

After the one hour ferry ride to Macau, (i refuse to add on the frustration of waiting for our luggage) we hopped on a cab to bring us to the China border. Tadaaa… we arrived at the GongBei port. To my surprise, the human traffic is like i have to multiply by 23827298612 of what i normally see at the JB customs. If one has to complain about the kiasuism in Singapore, they ought to see whats going on here. Hy was even pushed by an elderly who wants to get in line.

After that horrific experience, we finally crossed the border and finally made it in china. That 200 meters walk to our hotel room was quite an eye opener too. I’ve never seen so much people in a mall all my life.

Ahhhh… we finally stepped in the hotel. Someway or another, i feel secured. To date, i have no idea what the guys meant that in China, this Charming Hotel is a 5 stars hotel but to the locals, its a 4 stars hotel.

Anyways, its located at 2 Weiji Road (Weiji Lu), Gongbei. Do check it out if you happen to travel to Zhuhai. I would recommend you guys this hotel apart from the Holiday Inn which is some few miles away. Reason being, you can almost get anything and everything within a km circumference of the hotel. I really mean literally everything. Clothes, gadgets, Food… wait… i just said Everything didnt i?

One thing i enjoyed when i touch down was its weather. Its a mere 17deg during day. Which i feel is juuuusssttt nice for my thick and warm skin.

the only thing i wanna bitch about work is the 1hr odd journey to the factory. the bumpy ride and the inconsiderate drivers didnt help any bit. toilets within the factory though i’d rate them 1/10, its still very much preferred if i were to compare those in public.

apart from me being a brown alien in their country, everything seems good. thank god i speak a little mandarin. it helps a lot. in fact, i think it has become something fancy. i can visualize the tiny manjans there talking to each other “what the f**k he wants from us?”. when i walked thru the production floor, none didnt take a glimpse of me. the brown skin must’ve been glowing i reckon, for them to get distracted from their work. the lunch hours there is pretty dope. they were made to switch off electricity and have power naps. this, i am impressed.

The food in china is so so… for a humble mc’nugget who eats hawker centre food like me, its rather tough. i cant find halal hawker centre food there. my worry of eating dog meat is always on top of my head… nonetheless, i ate at weird places like a mushroom restaurant (i hate mushrooms), restaurant which looks like a boat… and some weird other places.

Over the weekend, my and my colleague get to walk around Macau a little. If not for his bad tummy, we would’ve been there longer. The immediate sense of sanity embraced me the moment i stepped in Macau. The people are different, the money is different, the air is different…. the entire feel is different.

Managed to wonder around two casinos…. and an early dinner at a portugese restaurant.

i seriously could blab a lot about the trip in this blog… but… i will just end it here. bye bye.